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Reclaiming My Personal Power While Embracing My Authentic Self

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The Healers Break Coaching Package is geared towards guiding those of us who are in need of support when processing trauma. Each of us have experienced a level of trauma that challenged who we were beforehand, who we are now and who we are becoming. Trauma isn't naturally easy to process whether it be from abuse, neglect, loss, etc and that is why I am here to help!

As someone who has experienced a countless number of traumatic moments, I aim to guide others towards regaining their personal power as I have and still am.

You are worthy of living a life of peace, happiness and fulfillment. You deserve to embrace life without trauma holding you back. A life of feeling worthy, powerful and peaceful is waiting on the other side of your healing. Now is the time to embrace the power that you have always had within, especially as you witnessed having overcome trial after trial. Life isn't meant to be difficult, and this is your reassurance!

Regain your personal power and develop your authentic self through The Healers Break Coaching Program, so that you may heal the world by simply just being you. Because healing people, heal people. 

Lina has consistently challenged and motivated me to think outside of the limits I have placed on myself. She effortlessly changes speeds and tones depending on what I’ve needed at the time. I’m a better version of myself after my interactions with her.

Alphonso McCree Jr

I recently got a reiki attunement (which I HIGHLY) recommend where she aligned my chakras and gave me some information on how to heal them and keep them in alignment! ALSO she has a PUBLISHED BOOK!!!! I did some of the prompts so far and they were very helpful and allowed me to begin healing. Thank you so much!!!!!

AbryAnna Henderson

This beautiful being can dive in deep and bring things to light. It definitely gave me peace thanks to you Supernova Lina😘

Very easy going & genuine spirit. Lina! You are a star. Enlightening the ones around. May the universe pour blessings on you. Thank you so much