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Entrainment for Energy Transfer

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Entrainment is discussed a lot amongst us Reiki Practitioners as it is the essence of our practice. It is also discussed in every day conversations amongst those outside of the reiki community although people are not always aware that they are in fact discussing the powers of entrainment. If you've ever discussed vibes, or energy then you are quite familiar with the enchantments of entrainment.

What is Entrainment

Entrainment is when two energies meet, each beginning at different levels and some how energetically meet at one center and match. It is the experience of being in a room of spiritually energetic individuals and becoming one as well. Or being in a room full of sad people and also becoming sad.

I like to use funerals as examples because many of us individuals have experienced going to funerals in which we had no idea who was in the casket, but shared the same feelings others that weeped in the pews experienced. We cried and didn't understand why. Felt down and didn't understand how the shift came to be unexpectedly.

This is entrainment.

How Does Entrainment Affect You?

Energy as we know, is contagious. No matter what vibration that energy is at, we are all susceptible to catching it. Similar to bacteria, there is both good and bad bateria. And although energy is not as simple as "good or bad," it can be looked at in that aspect depending our perception and desires.

For energies you do not want to be entrained to, protect your energy by imagining a shield of energeitc protection. I like to envision, a golden energy bubble around me that only allows pure, light and high vibrational energy into my own energy bubble. I even ask that source allows only alignment into my energy.

Sometimes the energy my path leads me towards may be unfamilar to me but indeed a part of my spiritual journey. Therefore, I trust that I am continuously divinely protected and aligned as that is always my initial intention.

Set intentions to ensure you are in spaces that mean you well. In spaces that bring enlightenment to you. And allow yourself to be your most authentic self, vibrating only in spaces that resonate with you whether spirit, mind, or body led you in that particular direction.

Set your intentions before you show up. That way you trust that you are forever aligned into authentic spaces that are here to enlighten you, provide for you and grow you.

How is Entrainment Used In Reiki

Us reiki practitioners gather our healing energy from source, ensuring that the universal life force grows within our own energy. We use that same energy to navigate it into our healing partners (clients) to ensure that they gather the energy they need to release blockages and finally align their energy pathways, centers and fields.

It is a truly powerful way of healing. As it is not as common for people to be in true balance, it is highly recommended that this practice is utilized to ensure powerful healing that the mind, body and spirit desires. And that is what Reiki is here, for alignment, balance, healing and so much more, so that the world can utilize it to become so much more whole.

Both the reiki practitioners and their healing partners energy meet within the universal life force energy, as the reiki practitioner guides the energies of their healing partners into that alignment and centering. Reiki practitioners are navigators helping their clients to find their way and that is done through entrainment.

Written 5 May 2022

by Lina Mystic Oracle LLC

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