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Healers Need Healing Too

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I like to think of myself as a healer. But the more I make progress on my healing journey I've noticed I can't be a healer without actively working on healing and balancing myself.

When I first started my "healer" journey I was giving so much of myself out, not realizing how important it was to renew myself just as much. I got drained so quick. I had just found out that I was a Psychic Medium and I wanted to share my gift every moment of everyday. After doing FREE Psychic readings everyday for months, I found myself frustrated and empty. As much as it fueled me in the beginning to do these free healing readings, it also began to leave me almost sick.

I'd wake up feeling as if I didn't get enough rest although it was well over 8 hours. I'd walk around with backaches, headaches and even a cluttered mind.

Then something hit me. I can't give to others if I cannot give to myself.

Early in my spiritual awakening journey I learned that as a healer, I needed to heal myself just as much, if not more. I had to make it a priority to create time to love myself, appreciate myself and even learn myself.

I started taking longer showers, envisioning a warm bright light cleansing my aura and my spirit. That shower would be so rejuvenating and so warming for me. I even started listening to different HZ, 432 hz, 532 Hz, 741 Hz. It was so refilling.

After realizing how much I had been giving and the lack of what I was recieving, I started charging little by little for my readings. In a way this was refilling my energy because I got to spend less time focused on how I was gonna pay a bill and more time focused on how I can help others.

I started to hang out with draining people less and less. I stopped picking up the phone as much because it seemed self-obssessed people always called when they needed something but not to check on me. I stepped away from society because sometimes it's draining just being apart of it.

Renewal was a daily process for me. As a healer I had to vibrate high, and when I wasn't, I could tell. I could feel my vibrations lowering if I didn't take the time to cleanse myself and my energy. I could feel my body begging for me to spend time nourishing it. I could feel my spirit crying out for a connection because I spent too much time nourishing too many more things than it.

With giving so much of myself, I was honestly giving nothing at all. Because the reality is, if you don't give to yourself, you have nothing.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Healers must renew and rejuvenate. Healers must enter their shells to find themselves. Healers must heal themselves more than they heal others.

So the next time you feel drained, you know exactly what you need to do. Connect to spirit to find your balance and to gain clarity. Heal yourself just as much as you heal others.

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