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How To Choose The Best Crystal For You

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I like to think that you do not choose crystals but they instead choose you. They hear your call to the Universe, knowing what you most desire.

Everything in this Universe is made up of living energy. Each thing has its own properties and personalities. Think of crystals as living energy. Each one has its own persona and characteristics. Yes, this may be a shock for many of you but let us think a little further on it.

Each Crystal Has Its Own Unique Individual Personality !

Have you ever been inside an empty space, home or environment and it struck certain feelings within you? Think of a place you had no ties to that you visited and you felt extremely happy, or severely disoriented. You were feeling the energy of that environment.

Now, think of the last time you picked out an item you enjoyed such as clothing, furniture or jewelry and how it made you feel. You felt connected and drawn to that particular item. This is a sign that that piece called out to you. The spirit of both you and item had connected on a deep level of resonation.

Every single thing in this universe has a spiritual connection to something or someone. Even clothing spiritually connects to someone or something. Maybe it has a spiritual connection to the person who created it or the person who bought it. Whatever the case may be, each thing has an energetic connection and vibration. Especially crystals.

How To Begin Picking The Best Crystal For You !

One of the best ways to choose a crystal is to first set the intention that you will find and obtain the one that best assists you in the areas that you need the most. Don't think too much about it but just be guided by Source. You will be guided towards the crystal that best fits you.

When you walk into the Metaphysical store or search online for crystals the next best thing to do, following setting your intentions, is to look through multiple ones. Look through the tumbled crystals, the cluster crystals, the rough crystals and even the ones attached to jewelry. Don't force yourself to follow the biggest trend on which crystal to buy but instead allow for an open mind knowing that you are being divinely guided towards picking the best crystal for you.

Don't worry If you looked throughout the entire store and found nothing that called your name. This is normal. There is no rush! Keep it moving, remain optimistic and feel free to go and look through another shop to find the crystal that was destined for you.

When bringing an energy source into your home you want to be intentional instead of in a hurry.

Let The Crystal Find You !

If you feel overwhelmed and that you have been searching far too long for a crystal and are indeed ready to find "the one," go ahead and purchase a Mystery Crystal Box. You will find that many stores have Mystery or Surprise Boxes now. This allows you to know for sure that a particular crystal chose you.

In most Mystery Crystal Bags or Boxes you will find one or more crystals. In some cases once opening the box or bag you will be informed of what sort of crystal you have just purchased. In that case, before looking at the identification card or researching your new crystal, be sure to write down the energy you get from it. Meditate with the crystal. Find ways to connect with it. Then once you have an idea of its spiritual and magical properties, research it. You will find that just by connecting to it spiritually you knew its properties, characteristics and talents. Or maybe you even found unique personalities of your new crystal unlike the listed characteristics. This makes your experience even more magical and exciting. It confirms that each crystal is truly unique and special in its own way.

Let Your Favorites Guide You

Maybe you are not yet a fan of using your intuition to find a crystal or receiving one in a mystery box. Or maybe you just simply want to be more secure and in control of your choice of crystal. Trusting your intuition can be pretty challenging if you don't practice it often and not knowing what you're buying can make you a tad bit uncomfortable, so what is another option?

Well you always have the option of interviewing yourself. This is a very exciting option! Interview yourself and take note. What is your favorite color at this moment? Maybe aqua blue, deep purple, or maybe even a matte red. By identifying your favorite color or colors you have already narrowed down your vast amount of options, making it a whole lot less tedious for you.

If you like aqua blue you may enjoy the Aqua Aura Quartz. If you chose deep purple as your favorite color you may enjoy the beautiful Amethyst Cluster. If you picked matte red the Rough Red Jasper would be perfect for you.

Just simply identifying your favorite color will make it 10 times easier for you. However, you can make it even easier by narrowing down whether you like smooth, rough or bubbly textures. And then next you can identify the shape you enjoy best.

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, dimensions, colors and even textures. If you can think of your ideal size, color and texture of a crystal you can pick the one that's best for you.

The Easiest Way

There is nothing like seeing a crystal and not being able to get it out of your head. Whether you saw it on your favorite YouTubers set, on your best friends piece of jewelry or on a poster, that particular crystal couldn't get out of your head and for good reason too!

The crystals that stay on our minds and hearts are the crystals that feel we need them most, therefore we should know that it is all apart of our alignment.

Many Many Ways

There are quite a bit of ways to choose the best crystal for you but this article lists just a few. The one thing that will remain true is that the best crystals for you will always be the ones that found their way to you somehow, no matter if it was a gift, or you spent money on it or even found it in your backyard. All crystals are special but the most special part is that if they found a way to you, it was meant to be!

Written By Lina Mystic

2 June 2021

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