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I Accidentally Astral Projected While Using Selenite | Diary Entry

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

As of lately I have been collecting crystals with the intention to charge them to their most powerful condition and then sell them. I know in my heart that they have actual powers. I truly believe that. I only research their powers after obtaining them, or if someone is curious and comes to me about them. I guess I never knew the extent of these "powers'' until last night or shall I saw early this morning 7 June 2021.

Last night, I went to sleep around 12am expecting to get a peaceful night of rest. A few hours in, I began having one of the strangest dreams I had ever experienced. In the dream I was in a space unfamiliar to me in human form but completely familiar to my spirit. I placed one of my small selenite wands on the top of my head where my crown chakra was and was transported to another dimension while dreaming. Immediately, while in this dimension I felt physical sensations of euphoria. I embarrassingly share this information, but it was almost completely orgasmic but instead slightly different. My body physically had chills and because the feeling was so impactful and overwhelming due to never experiencing that sensation for a long period of time, I abruptly woke up from my slumber. I found that my body still physically had chills although I was indeed warm and not cold at all. I gently fell back asleep to unexpectedly enter the same realm and woke myself up again. I felt as if my soul had just reentered my body.

This was an extremely powerful experience and I had never intended to purposely do it. I have never purposely astral projected although I had experienced it a quite a few times while sleeping.

I will never forget how warming, calming and peaceful the realm felt and how I immediately woke up knowing that I had entered a majestical angelic realm.

Who knew that the selenite wands in the furthest room from my bedroom could take me to such a peaceful place way outside of this world. For that experience, I am grateful because my eyes are open even more to the magical gifts God has given us to use as tools to connect to things further than our expectations.


7 June 2021

Lina Mystic

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