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The Power Of The Buck Full Moon

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

During the time of a Full Moon, you want to harness the energy and be intentional with your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. This is because Full Moons are a time of significant transformation in each of our lives. Each one is a reminder of cycles, completions, and even endings. They mark the ideal time for release. But, with release comes the wonder of what’s next. That is why for this full moon, you want to ask yourself what do you want to give life to, what do you want this next cycle of your life to look like, and what it is that you intensely desire.

The Buck Full Moon name comes from the time of year that a male deer (buck) regrows their antlers. By this time, their antlers will be even more impressive than the previous year.

I like to think of the antlers similar to my personal blessings. At this time, they will be more substantial and more prominent than ever before!

These same antlers are thought of as a symbol of fertility and birth. So now is a great time to give birth to new creative ideas and projects.

These new ideas and projects can help you grow into an even greater version of yourself as you begin to connect more with your spirit.

Use the energy of the Buck Full Moon to help ignite the success of your ideas and projects.

By simply sitting with the power of the Buck Full Moon, your dreams and aspirations will become more transparent and influential.

This same moon is called the Thunder Full Moon by Native Americans due to it being the time of frequent thunderstorms. So that is even more confirmation of how powerful this current time of year is.

You will experience a time of blessings one after another. You will now witness your flood of large and lovely blessings! These blessings will transform your life into something even more wonderful than you've ever imagined.

This particular Full Moon marks the harvest of the seeds you have planted. You will now begin reaping the benefits of all of your hard work.

You may be seeing the number 4 quite often lately, it may show up as 411, 211 (simplifies to 4), 44, 444, etc. Angel Number 4 brings great news when it comes to the foundations you have been laying down and building. Congratulations on your hard work paying off.

Use this time to figure out what you desire because this Buck Full Moon is rapidly bringing manifestations into our life. Remember to focus on what brings joy and peace while releasing what causes discord and disconnection within your life.

Buck Full Moon Writing Prompts:

  • What am I holding on to that no longer serves my highest vibrations?

  • What do I desire to release that no longer brings value to my life?

  • What goals do I desire to achieve during this current moon cycle?

  • How can I live my life more intentionally?

Join The Mystical Tribe For A Buck Full Moon Gathering Event!

This gathering will be held virtually to bring people worldwide together to manifest and bring higher vibrations into each other's lives during this new moon cycle. This gathering will have a beautiful impact on your life and others.

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