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Wolf Spirit Animal | Spiritual Meaning of the Wolf

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The wolf is a highly mysterious and mystical spirit animal. While some of us may fear the wolf, others are immediately empowered and inspired by them. In addition, the wolf sends significant signs to those in need of one.

Curious Facts

Wolves, the largest known member of the Canidae family, are highly intelligent as they live their lives strategically. Usually, the alpha male and female are the only wolves that breed and produce pups in the pack. It is believed that they do this to ensure there is a rarity when it comes to incest, as the alpha wolves are the ones that produce many of the pack members. This behavior is also believed to be practiced because if the alpha wolves create the offspring, that may lead to the strongest offspring being born. A pack (averaging 6 wolves but can range from 3 - 36 wolves) may include other adult wolves that are not offspring (such as aunts, uncles, etc.) however, these wolves are not "permitted" to breed as that is the job of the alphas. But breeding is not the only privilege the alphas are awarded, they also eat first during kills.

Many studies have found that wolves usually mate during winter or early spring and birth their young during late winter or early spring. This practice ensures maximum growth and knowledge before the coming winter.

Wolves are much more caring than society perceives them to be due to their fear of them. They take care of the older wolves to ensure their safety and well-being. They also nurture, educate and care for their pack's pups and young adults. They even tend to the sick and injured members.

Of course, the alphas carry a lot of this weight on their shoulders as they maintain the unity and structure of the pack. They create such a powerful influence on the other members that the loss of one or both (in small packs) could "cause the entire pack to dissolve."

The betas, second in command, will take the role of the alphas while the alphas are away. They will also keep the mid-ranking wolves in check. A large part of their job consists of maintaining the peace between pack members. The male betas are like the right hand to the alpha males. While the female betas are much similar to the female alphas, helping the pups to be nurtured and more. Betas are highly respected but not on the same level as the alphas. Like everyone in the pack, Betas responds to the alpha's orders, but with that same breath they enforce those same orders.

The mid-ranking wolves follow the betas and the omegas follow after the mid-ranking wolves. Mid-ranking wolves are generally the aunts, uncles, elder wolves, prior betas and prior alphas, etc., They tend to cause the most issues among the other classification groups (alpha, beta, omegas). The omegas of the pack are habitually more distant from the rest as they are known to be timider than the others. They are similar to human "outsiders." Fascinatingly they are seen as the stress-relievers and instigators of play.

Wolves overall are pretty awesome. Their average speed is five mph, while their sprinting speed averages 31 - 37 mph. The fastest recorded speed was 46 mph by the Arctic Wolf (2021). They have powerful hearing skills, hearing as far as six miles - ten miles away. But what gets even more curious to me was that their jaws have a crushing pressure of nearly 400 - 1,500 pounds per square inch. This skill makes it easier to crush the bones of their prey, for example, a moose. With this immense power of their jaw, with only about six bites, they can bite through the femur of a moose. And the sharpness of their teeth also assists them with stripping the meat off the bone of their prey.

Those are not the only talents of the wolf, they also have a gift of distinctive facial expressions that they can use to communicate and maintain the unity of the pack. Their posture, pheromones, vocalizations, expressions, etc, are ways that they communicate with one another. In fact, the vocalization that we are pretty familiar with, the howl, appears to be directed to the moon and is instead a form of communication with one another. Barking and growling are typically used as forms of warning. Whimpering can signify vulnerability (such as giving up during a fight). Howling can be used to locate a separated wolf or distant wolf. This is only pieces of their longstanding practice of intelligence and wisdom yet still so enlightening.

Spiritual Symbolism Of The Wolf

Wolves come at a time when their message is needed and even sometimes right before to reassure you that you are ready for the next phase and transition in your life. You may be approaching a change you feel unsure about or fearful of, but the wolf shows up to let you know you have divine support and are ready for this next step.

Embedded Wisdom

Wolves are naturally intelligent, but their intelligence includes sharp intuition and cunning. They have an instinct when it comes to energy and sensing the surroundings of an area. You have this same embedded intelligence, cunning, and wisdom.

Your intuition is so powerful that you have naturally ended up in the right places at the right times and avoided places subconsciously because something "felt off."

Continue to listen to this embedded wisdom and pray it strengthens over time!

Use this instinct to help you think on your feet and radiate the Wolf spirit!

Team Player

As much of a leader you are in life, being a team player is still necessary. The Alphas may lead the pack but also consider what the pack needs to be more whole and compatible. Remember, a leader cannot lead without someone to lead. Hearing your team players and keeping them in mind when making final decisions will incredibly impact everyone involved.

Remind your team players, whether in your home, workspace, or hobby area, that you all are there to support one another. And do not play against your team, instead, work as a collective!

This is a reminder that just as the Alphas hold many burdens, they allow other pack members to assist them in carrying the load. It is not easy to carry any burden, so do not do it alone. Let the people in your world hear you out and help you too, even if (especially if) you are a leader.

Leadership also includes a level of honesty and transparency. That way, your team players trust you more than ever and can also make compatible decisions with humanity on their side.

Turning Losses Into Wins

Life hits us hard in some moments however this is reassurance that you can handle anything that comes your way.

You have an incredible talent for being resourceful and making even the most painful losses into the most enlightening experiences. You turn broken things into tools and broken moments into lessons.

Not everyone has the ability to turn something seemingly ugly into something incredibly beautiful. Embrace this gift of creativity and resourcefulness and use it as your superpower throughout your life.

Remember that many things that come your way may be a blessing in disguise. And nothing is something that you cannot overcome. It is already written that you are undefeated because every loss that touches your life turns to gold, simply because of who you are.

So ask yourself, what battle are you facing at this time? And how can you turn it into something beautiful and enlightening?

Lessons From Omegas

Fun is just as necessary as anything else going on in your life. Benefits from fun include stress management, hormone balance, disease prevention, better quality sleep, mental healing, etc. We are designed to enjoy ourselves and not consume ourselves with stress.

Have you ever noticed that your body physically manifests the stress after a difficult day? You may begin to tense up in your back or shoulders or even get a migraine. But when you have fun, your worries seem to fade, and you can be present with the blessings of life.

Practicing fun is just as important as taking your daily medications because fun has a way of becoming a natural life enhancer. It creates a healthier version of you.

Of course, there is a balance to everything but adding fun to the balance is crucial. Give attention to the inner child within you to improve your lifestyle.

Fun is not a distraction rather it is a form of medicine.

You Are Protected

The Wolf is a sure sign that you have protection from ethereal beings! Remember to cover your days with prayers. Cover yourself with affirmation. And trust that you are being divinely protected as you continue your journey.

When you feel fear, visualize the power of the Wolf. Or simply visualize the Wolf with you while you face challenging moments. Channel that powerful energy of the Wolf. Remember, you are supported and powerfully protected!

You indeed have a spiritual tribe. You will find earth guides and supporters throughout your life. You will also feel your heavenly support's presence. No matter where you are, support and protection are provided to you. The key is reminding yourself of this blessing and praying it reveals itself to you.

With all this divine support and protection, you should also have faith in your own strength. You have wolf power within, but to use it, you must recognize it. You will find that you have often used this power and strength to protect others, but you must also recognize when you need that protection for yourself.

The Wolf appears to you as a reminder of who you are and that you have the ability to overcome any and all things. Even when you feel you have fallen short, know that you have taken massive strides.

Breathe Easy Mystical Light Being!



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