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About Lina

Lina Mystic, Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Author

Lina Mystic is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Decoder and Author. She has always been known for a strong intuition and an apparent old soul. After deciding the life path of a full time healer in 2017, she has never been happier. 


She caters to high vibrational living and healing while offering a variety of content, services, and tribe gatherings. This brand was initially designed to share her personal experiences to help others progress on their spiritual journeys.

Her book Healer's Break To Heal: The Guide To Forgiveness, is a self help trauma forgiveness workbook written to guide people through their healing journey. She believes that those who experience forgiveness can then begin a journey of self love and personal power. She also believes that healing yourself allows for healing of the world. 

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Lina, at a very young age discovered that life doesn't know you by age but more so by purpose. As a young child, Lina met pain, abuse, and trauma. She spent her childhood trying to pick up her broken pieces and place them back together. As she grew older she realized that she didn't have to put broken pieces together but instead rebuild herself and her life. She found that her purpose was to heal others as she began her own personal journey of shadow work.  With many of her traumas beside her she found the reason why she existed. She found out why her life had been placed on a path of brokeness. It was because without her journey she wouldn't be where she is now. She understood that to become a healer, she must be broken to build herself up, therefore helping others to rebuild themselves. Healers break to heal, and that's what she did.

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