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A Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery with a Life Changing Book,"Healers Break To Heal"

Updated: Mar 28

In the realm of holistic healing and spiritual empowerment, I, Pearline Muckelvene, affectionately known as Lina Mystic, stand in my purpose spreading the awareness of self-healing. I have a profound dedication towards guiding individuals towards their truest selves shines through in one of my latest offering, "Healers Break To Heal," a poignant workbook that delves deep into the transformative journey of forgiveness.

My own quest with forgiveness serves as the foundation of this workbook, as I draw from my personal experiences to offer illuminating insights and practical exercises. Through powerful journal entries, I invite you to embark on a soul-stirring exploration of forgiveness, combining together wisdom, empathy, and resilience.

"Healers Break To Heal" is more than just a recounting of my personal experiences—it's a comprehensive guide crafted from my dedication to making forgiveness accessible to all. Having experienced the pressure to forgive without understanding the intricacies of the process myself, I spent years developing a method that transcends simplistic platitudes. I no longer wanted my essence of being to be trapped.

Forgiveness, as I illuminate within this work, is a nuanced journey towards self-love, empowerment, and healing. Through my gentle guidance, I encourage you to navigate this journey with grace and compassion, allowing forgiveness to become a catalyst for personal transformation and spiritual elevation.

At the core of my practice lies the profound art of Reiki, complemented by my expertise in energy healing massage as a licensed massage therapist. My journey from trauma to triumph serves as an inspiration, illuminating the path to empowerment for those in search of healing and fulfillment.

"Healers Break To Heal" is not just a workbook—it's a sacred roadmap towards reclaiming your essence, rediscovering inherent beauty beyond pain, and stepping boldly into the radiant light of divine blessings. Through my gentle wisdom, I invite you to embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery, guided by a compassionate heart and steady dedication to empowering individuals to reclaim their personal power.

Join me, Pearline Muckelvene, aka Lina Mystic, on a sacred voyage towards forgiveness, empowerment, and profound healing. Let this powerful workbook illuminate and brighten your path towards wholeness, as you embrace the blessings that await on your journey of self-discovery.

Written by Pearline Muckelvene

Lina Mystic Oracle LLC

Feb 11, 2024

Give The Gift of Healing and Donate To A Trauma Survivor This Powerful Workbook

By sponsoring "Healers Break To Heal," you're not just offering a workbook—you're offering a

sacred roadmap towards reclaiming one's essence, rediscovering the inherent beauty that lies beyond pain, and stepping boldly into the radiant light of one's own divine blessings. You're providing survivors with the tools they need to reclaim their personal power, embrace self-compassion, and embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery.

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