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Benefits of Distance Reiki Attunements

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

What is Reiki

Reiki is a powerful way to realign yourself, release blockages and clear out your chakras.

It is known as an energy healing practice that different reiki practitioners utilize to heal the energies of their healing partners or clients.

Reiki practitioners aim to heal the energetic field, pathways and centers with a number of powerful healing symbols placed within the energy of their client.

Each Reiki practitioner goes through a study of the various chakras and ways to heal or realign them. As it is a very spiritual practice they are also aligned by their reiki masters to ensure they are prepared to balance and heal others.

How is Distance Reiki Provided?

Many assume that reiki must only be done in person or is only through physical touch however, there are many ways to ensure the balance of a healing partner. One of my favorite ways is distance reiki. The same practice applys as when in person, except it can be done from anywhere in the world no matter where the practitioner or healing partner lives. The amount of healing will still remain.

Clients may notice their energy shifts randomly through out the same day of their distance reiki showing up in ways of feeling relieved, relaxed and spiritually nourished. This is because the practitioner provides proper care to ensure the attunement is just as powerful.

There are a variety of ways distance reiki can be done. Some reiki practitioners may do their appointments through phone call, video chat, or without contacting the client until after the attunement is complete.

I find that distance reiki is wonderful as it allows the client to continue their day without having to prepare leaving their home, job, or whereever they may be at the time of their appointment.

A number of my clients have been able to sleep in, or finish up their daily tasks all while being attuned and aligned. Although it is recommended to be in a calm, relaxed state while recieving your distance reiki, it is not required. This may be ideal for individuals who have busy schedules or a lack of free time.

The Benefits of Distance Reiki

  • Easing of emotional trauma

  • Clarity and insight revelations

  • Spiritual development

  • Intiations of spiritual awakening & enlightenment

  • Balances energy levels

  • Releases energetic blockages

  • Stress relief

  • Improves sleep quality

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