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Angel Number 1010 Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I have spoken to plenty of people about Angel Numbers and it is quite rare that someone tells me that they have been seeing Angel Number 1010.

I believe that this number shows up only during times in need.

It is a very powerful reminder of the power you possess when you work with the Divine. A number that reminds you to keep going the course of your current journey because you will reap the rewards of your progress.

This number alone understands that you've faced struggles but it reminds you that you have also conquered battles and you that have more strength over anything you have prior believed could stop you.

Angel Number 1010, is simplified as Angel Number 2. Angel Number 2 is a sign for you to have faith during this stage in your life.

Have Faith In Your Journey.

Angel Number 2, shows us that times may be rough and our faith may be tested however it is important that we hold on tight to faith. We must trust that the Divine has a few good reasons for each trial and tribulation.

This current season in your life is a lesson that will serve you well in the long run. It is destined to help you when it comes to leveling up in life.

We both know that you have faced many battles in the past but you must not forget that you have overcome plenty of them as well. When you look back you should be reminded of your power and strength.

In the past, you had looked these challenges in the eye and fought alongside the fear that turned into bravery. That bravery has never left you, it still lives within. It may show up as fear but remember that fear turns into bravery the moment you decide to fight despite the fear you face.

Believe In Yourself

Seeing Angel Number 1010 is a sure sign to keep going on this journey even though to the naked human eye the outcome you so desire seems next to impossible. But even the word

Im-Possible believes it is possible.

You must let faith embrace you. Instill your trust in faith because she will look out for your greatest good. Know that you are capable of anything you desire and if you forget your faith behind, recall a moment that you believed something was impossible but still overcame it anyway!

Your Prayers Are Being Answered

Angel Number 1010 brings attention to your highly desired request from this infinite universe. It is a sign that the Divine has taken note of what you desire and Divine creation is working in your favor at this time. This is a sure sign to keep working on your goals and desires in life, because now you are much closer than ever before.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

This stage in your life may require you to ask for more help. Let a helping hand offer you some assistance, because this could be the big break you've been asking or waiting for.

Angel Number 2 is huge on cooperation and working together.

Although you may not be a big fan of team work or asking for help, Angel Number 1010 is telling you that life doesn't require you to do everything on your own. You are here with plenty of other people and energies that can help you ''Get the job done."

Prior experiences may have led you to believing that it is you against the world. This is not the case. You are supported by many but the hope you once had in humanity may have withered away during times of extreme let down from people you had placed on pedestals. Allow yourself to forgive these people who have let you down. Even allow yourself to forgive yourself for the abandonment and lack of support you have previously felt. This is how you begin the process of welcoming hope back into your life.

The next step involves you telling the universe that you are open to receiving. This allows you to notice the abundance of assistance falling into your lap with immense gratitude.

Trust In Divine Timing; You'll See

With Angel Number 0 amplified in 1010, you have been entered into a cycle. This cycle may be a test that you have gone through multiple times in your life. Maybe a karmic lesson. A lesson of trust, loyalty, reception, etc. . . Ask yourself what this karmic lesson is teaching you. It may be one that you have experienced or will experience multiple times in your life or even throughout multiple lifetimes.

Once you identify the common theme, you can identify the lesson. That lesson will help you to navigate through your life with ease.

Life As You Know It, Is Changing

With an amplified 1, many things may be changing in your life. You are beginning a new adventure, similar to The Fool tarot card. You may be feeling risky, adventurous or even ridiculous but this change is completely necessary.

Due to this adventure being new for you, you will not have all the answers. And that is OKAY ! You can prepare as much as you want but you will not know how to prepare for every change in how the wind blows as you fly. Welcome in this new adventure, realizing how blessed you are to experience a change in scenery.

No need to fear change. Change brings growth !

I think we can all agree that initially change can be extremely scary. Especially for those of us who already feel life is great just as it is. But just imagine how much better it will be now that you are channeling divine intervention and power.

Remain Positive Because Life Is Beautiful

Angel Number 1 is a reminder of how beautiful life can remain if you look on the bright side of things. This is not to say you must only remain happy in life but this is to remind us stop always looking for the negatives in every situation. If we can find the negatives in every situation we could surely do the same for the positives.

It's easy to get into a funk but allowing yourself to rise above it as you've noticed it, will help both you and others. Who would rather sink than fly? Of course allowing a moment to sink gives our feelings the attention that it needs. But once you have given it attention, allow for inner reflection so that you can begin to fly instead of sink any further.

It's normal for people to either ignore their feelings or to even give them too much attention but the key is to be present and restore the balance. As a situation arises, give it momentary / present attention.

Dropping your freshly unbitten ice cream cone may be saddening but you will come across another chance to get another one. In fact, that chance may be now but if you focus too much on how you lost it, you will miss out on the opportunity to gain another one.

All of life's problems will not be as simple as dropping an ice cream cone right outside the Ice Cream Parlor however, if we stay present and reflect we will notice how much easier solving problems become if we just take a step back to view obtainable solutions.

Remember, if ever there is a problem, there are many more solutions!

You Are Being Divinely Guided

At this time you are receiving assistance directly from the Divine. You must allow time for listening within so that you may hear the messages that are meant for you. Quieting your day for just a couple of minutes can allow for ideas, messages, and peace to flow towards you.

Peace and quiet is imperative for growth.

Restore The Balance In Your Life

There are many ways you could lose balance in your life. Maybe you just cannot get enough of the people you love being around, so you try to spend every waking moment with them. Or maybe you absolutely love being in your room all alone so you never go anywhere. Maybe you love to eat a bucket full of sweets all day. Or you love to exercise excessively.

The problem is not that you enjoy these things but it is how you lack balance in taking part in them.

Everyone needs rest from everything. Ironically, you even need to take a rest from rest. (In other words you cannot lie in bed all day everyday doing absolutely nothing and still remain "well")

It is so important to remain balanced throughout life. To be happy sometimes and to experience sadness in other times. To spend time with others but also enjoy spending time with just yourself. To enjoy a cupcake but also enjoy the comfort your belly gets from collard greens. Life is all about balance. So ask yourself, "where can I restore balance in my life?"

Angel Number 1010 also reminds us all to balance home and work life. If you have been truly inspired and motivated by something, allow yourself to take little moments of rest from it to avoid burnouts. This rest period may also allow for new genius ideas to arise making your progress even more magical. Remember being around people you love can spark your creativity as well.

Confront Your Excuses & Get The Job Done

Angel Number 1010, also reminds us to stop avoiding the work we have to put in, in order to create the outcomes we desire. Sometimes we embark on the journey of imposters syndrome, believing that we are incapable of things we were in fact destined to achieve. Instead of finishing the book, we tell ourselves that we aren't qualified subconsciously. Then on the surface we come up with the excuse that we aren't spending enough quality family time or that we have to repot our begonias immediately. Don't get me wrong, family time is crucial, but you can't allow your fear to give you more reasons to not achieve a certain goal that is part of your destiny. Get organized. Set time for all of the things that you think of as priorities in your life. Balance these priorities and get the job done.

Fear will have you come up with so many valid excuses that you'll lose track of what your goal actually was in the first place. "I need to get the car detailed, I can't finish my homework right now." "There are dishes in the sink, my interview preparations will have to wait." "Oh look Stephanie is outside, I have to go ask her how she is, my art piece due this evening will just have to wait." We find so many reasons to run away from our large goals because deep down we don't believe that we are capable, we don't want to do the work or we just do not want to face them in the moment.

Stop giving yourself valid excuses and arguing your limitations and start getting organized. Of course occasionally there will be valid reasons i.e an emergency or maybe your child needs attention but do not keep giving yourself excuses not to be great, and just be great !


Angel Number 1010 foretells magical new changes arising in your life. But it asks you first to make some changes. Whether it be to have a little more faith, meditate more or even get organized. Whatever changes it asks you to bring into your life, it reminds you that those changes bring you closer and closer each day to your dream life being your current one.

Written by Lina Mystic

Dec. 2020 - May 2021

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