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It's 11:11 Make A Wish !

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I remember being in High School seeing angel number 11:11 and feeling as if everything stopped or slowed down in that moment. At the time, I had no clue it was a message from the divine. I just knew it served a purpose. Of course being a clueless and careless teenanger, I never thought of looking it up. I was just fasinated by it. In awe at the sight of it. Just like seeing the moon. It calls to my spirit but I don't research it everytime I see it.

On my 22nd year of life, the amount of repeating numbers I saw each day picked up and 11:11 was one of those numbers that stalked me everyday. I remember I was at work as a cashier at an Arts and Crafts center and my coworker and I saw 11:11 at the same time and she yelled "It's 11:11 make a wish!" I was so intrigued, I asked her why she makes wishes at the sight of a time. It was strange but so fitting. She said her mom always told her that 11:11 was a powerful time to make a wish just like people do when they see a shooting star. I was so interested I decided to finally listen to this sign and look it up. Of course Goggle was my bestfriend.

"Why I Keep Seeing 11:11 On The Clock"

At this point I was head over heels. A flash of all the repeating numbers I had been seeing crossed my mind. 777, 999, 111, 1111. It was insane to me that angels communicated to us through these numbers. I had to know what they meant. I focused in on 11:11 because it was the earliest Angel Number I had seen that I remembered. I remembered seeing the number knowing I should be sleep because I had school in the morning.

And I even remembered seeing the number at school right before lunch. I just so happened to always see this one particular number. It resonated with my spirit. I wanted to know more.

I found that 11:11 was a divine message reminding me of my personal power when I work with the Divine.

11 is a master number. It reminds us that their is power in our consciousness. Power in thought and power in words. It tells us to think positively about ourselves and others because the divine is listening and mirrors the energy we put out, back into our daily life. When people think of positive affirmations they think of self but the truth is everything we say and think should be focused on the positive. If you speak negatively of others, that highlights those same negative qualities into ourselves. So, "be imppeccable with your word." Wise words from Don Miguel Ruiz.

The mind is a powerful thing. Be sure to use it wisely with the intention of spreading light.

The 1 brought in 4 times, reminds us that we are individually powerful in creating our own realities. I guess it made sense that every time my coworker saw 11:11 she smiled brightly and made a wish. She understood that a portal was opened when she saw this number. A portal that welcomed in dreams becoming reality. She knew that 11:11 brings faith accompanied by gatitiude. When you see this number, think of your dreams and how it'd feel if they were your reality. Don't ask how, because GOD works in mysterious ways.

The number 11 brings balance, intuitiveness, independence and even teamwork.

11 which is very similar to 2, brings the energy of inner balance and teamwork. It's important to balance yourself everyday but especially when you feel out of tune with your spirit. There are plenty of grounding techniques that you can use to bring yourself some inner balance. Choose the one that works best for you. Don't struggle to make a grounding technique work for you if it doesn't. Be sure that you pick something that you enjoy so that you embrace consistency.

Teamwork is also all about balance. Even as a leader, you still need conhesiveness from your tribe. Be sure to listen to your team on their input, needs and desires as well. This exist in family life too. Listen to your children and spouse. Even when they don't speak, they are communicating with you (non-verbal communication, eye contact, behavaiors and actions). Take a little extra time out of everyday to spend with those of your tribe and your team.

While number 11 reminds you to be balanced, it also reminds you to listen within. Most times just listening within can bring the balance you've been looking for. Your intution will guide you correctly.

Keep in mind there is a thin line between fear and intuition.

Intuition is instant and doesn't always come with a reason. Fear comes from a stand point of "what if," and most times it stems from something possibly going wrong. Intuition is a gut feeling. It's an instant idea that you physically, and emotionally feel is right.

The number 1 reminds us of our personal power and how to take control of it. Like we discussed before, the mind is a powerful thing. Be sure to take control of it, your thoughts and perspective. Remember that everything in your life right now is happening for your greater good. But you must be the one to take that knowledge that you now have to either futher you on your jouney or to keep you stagnant.

11:11 asks you want you want in your life, gives you a chance to ask for it and then as it works for your greatest good it asks you to do the same for yourself.

What are you co-creating with the Universe?

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