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3 Grounding Techniques For Empath Protection

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Empaths take in energy all throughout the day. From the moment they wake up and sometimes as they sleep they are sucking up energy from others, their past and even different material items near them. Each person has empathetic abilities but some take in so much energy that it can consume them. This article consist of 3 grounding techniques I like to use as an empath who used to suck in EVERY piece of energy in my day. I realized that without these grounding techniques I had begun to loose myself in everyday. These 3 techniques I've named, Wash Away, Drinking Light and Embracing My Roots. You can get all the lovely details below. They are all very simple and pretty quick. You can even switch them up and do different ones on different days.

Wash Away

This technique is very easy and doesn't get in the way of your normal daily routine. At the beginning or end of your day, you will flush out all of your old energy by showering or bathing. While bathing, imagine as you scrub your body, you are scrubbing off the old energy that no longer serves you. While the water falls down off of your skin, imagine the old energy going down with it, eventually down the drain. Imagine that the water is currently grounding you and cleansing you. Visualize all the stress, anxiety, fear and negativity being washed off of your body, mind and spirit and flowing down into the drain. The next step is to feel and imagine a white warm comforting light coming from above, into your body through your head and down through your toes. You'll begin to feel a vibration in your body. As uncomfortable as it may be intially, take in a deep breath as you realize that this vibration is a great sign that you're excelling at flushing out all of that old energy that needs to be released.

Drinking Light

Drinking light is a pretty exciting grounding technique. For this one you will have to grab a few materials first. The materials you need are listed below.

  1. Large Glass Of Water

  2. Tape

  3. Pen (black ink preferably.)

  4. Small Piece Of Paper / Post-it

Step 1 : Write down on the piece of paper your intentions for the day or even the week. Make sure you write it in past tense as if it already happened and this is a diary / journal entry. Be specific and as you are writing welcome in gratitiude.

Step 2 : Tape the intention to your glass of water.

Step 3 : While drinking the water, imagine your day playing out exactly the way you wrote it down. Imagine that all of your intention is in the water that you are now drinking.

Step 4 : You will begin to feel an excess of vibration and energy, welcome it by experiencing true gratitude. Be grateful that you get to experience such a blessed day.

Embracing My Roots

Embracing my roots is such a beautiful experience for those of us who absolutely adore nature. It brings me back to being an innocent child who didn't think twice leaving the house with nothing but me, myself and I, no socks or shoes. Yes, no socks or shoes, just bare feet. Some of you have already clicked out of here disgusted but for those of you still reading this grounding technique may just be the perfect one for you. You want to put on something loose and comfortable, yup that includes your pajamas or even sweat pants. But DO NOT put on any socks or shoes. Now go outside into a grassfield or even if you have sand nearby outdoors. You want to make sure you sit or stand with your feet directly in contact with the ground beneath you. Feel the grass or even sand in between your toes. Smile knowing that the earth is connecting directly to you. Visualize the roots beneath the ground coming up and supporting you and your balance. Visualize it grabbing onto you and all of your body in a supportive way. A way that reminds you that you are never alone and always being supported even by forces you wouldn't think support you. Connecting to the earth will make you feel lighter and more at peace. If at any point you begin to feel an excess of energy, take a few deep breaths and remember that as your vibrations higher you are becoming one with your higher self and potential. Continue to bond with the earth as it connects to your spirit. This is a great grounding technique because it reminds you to stay connected to the earth.

These 3 grounding techniques can shift your every day into a better day and better experience. Practice these as many times as you need to vibrate higher each and every day.

Watch a video on these 3 ground techiques

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