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Angel Number 11 Spiritual Meaning | Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 11

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Lately it seems angel number 11 has been stalking me, showing up on every clock, receipt and license plate I encounter. With great symbolism, it always shows up during times in need. 11 is here to remind both you and I that our journey is leading us towards the massive shift we need to expand our realities.

Those of us that see Angel Number 11 may be experiencing a challenging or confusing moment of time. A time of sudden and unexpected changes that we are not too sure of where they will lead us.

But although it appears to be, 11 does not show up only as a heads up for change but more so a sign of support.

Angel Number 11 simplifies to Angel Number 2. 2 often symbolizes support, collaboration and alignment. Know that you are supported by Source as you find your path towards your light and power.

Distancing yourself from distractions that keep you from your inner peace is exactly what you need alongside what you crave. Listen within because 2, a symbol for intuition, is letting you know that your spirit will guide you correctly.

2 also comes to remind us of the importance of feeding on more of what we want rather than what we do not want. In other words, we must speak more of what we desire rather than what we do not desire for our realities. Our faith must be spoken, affirmed and believed as loud and felt as deeply as possible.

Angel Number 2 reminds us of our power. The power of thought, belief and practice. We must incorporate healthy uplifting practices in our everyday lives just as we eat, sleep, and work daily. These practices do not have to be trendy, instead they should be specific to you and your design. So explore what fits your spirit best and never stop giving yourself an outlet. Practice mindfulness (something that keeps you present) each and every day no matter the circumstances.

Trust me, I know, "easier said than done." This uplifting, affirming and mindful practice may not come to you overnight, but today, tonight can be when you choose to start the practice. Change is not always easy, but thats what makes it so valuable. We pray for change, work for change, plan for change. Once it is achieved it means so much more because we know all of the effort we put into it. So put in the effort to bring positive change to your daily life and trust that you will reap the benefits!

Remember that you are internally shifting constantly, so what used to work for you may not be compatible for you anymore. Become conscious of what fits you and what doesn't without the presence of self judgment. Your mind, body and spirit are learning to be whole and yes sometimes as they find their way to each other they may clash. That is completely understandable. Just be conscious of the clash and shift things accordingly.

Angel Number 1 doubled within 11 is reminding you of accountability, independence and strength.

Any battle that you face will be one that you win, it is up to you on how it will be won.

Do not consume yourself in your disappointments and what you see as failures but instead learn and take note. Each day will have its own challenges and obstacle courses but instead of letting frustration overwhelm you, relax your mind to work smarter rather than harder. Have you ever noticed sometimes the harder you work at something, the more it seems you're losing control? Instead just listen and the wind will tell you which direction to go.

The Divine, our angels and those of light are constantly guiding us. But if we keep going against our own grain, we will always be at war. So connect within and retreat when you find you are in yet again another war. Identify any constant patterns and search for your solutions through prayer and confrontation.

Beautiful 11 comes with loads of confirmation and lots of love.

Trust your intuition and let it guide you. Deep down you know exactly what steps to take. Do not fear building in breaks because often those breaks will be where you find enlightenment. The wisdom needed during conflict is most often found in silence.

This is confirmation that you have everything that you need.

Written by Lina Mystic,

19 February 2022


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