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Wisdom From A Wasp

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

I was shocked to find a wasp walking its way through my home, not simply for it being in my home but because it wasn't using its wings to fly. I wondered to myself what was keeping it from being at its best. What's preventing him from being free enough to fly and it got me contemplating the meaning this wasp showed up for.

As a loving and welcoming person, I always invite people in. Whether it be to my home, car, heart, or energetic space. But as years have flown by, I have learned that not everyone can take up my divine, energetic space.

Everyone Can't Come In

Remember, for people to take up your energetic space or currency, they must show you in some way they are worth it. Many people come into our lives just to simply take up space, but if that space is at a detriment to our mind, body, or spirit, it mustn't be risked.

Ask yourself who is in your space that brings you down.

Who do you share your joys with, and they tear your dreams apart?

Who do you downplay yourself and your talents with?

Who do you dumb yourself down for?

Be aware and conscious of the vibrations you are being fed in certain rooms, spaces or with certain people. And remember that energy is currency. Sometimes you're spending more on a quality that does not improve or better your life and lifestyle.

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