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Book Description: Author Pearline Muckelvene also known as Lina Mystic, the Founder of Lina Mystic LLC, has created an intelligent and intimate guide on forgiveness. She includes a few of her own diary entries from painful experiences to provide examples to ensure readers understand how to complete the different steps in the forgiveness process. 


She recognized that forgiveness is often pressured on the hurt people who deserve a forgiveness method to guide them through their pain. As a young abused girl, she was repeatedly told to "forgive and forget" while not knowing what it meant. So she decided to work on forgiveness for years until she created the genius method documented in this book.


Forgiveness is not always a simple 2 step thought process, but it is a journey towards self-love, empowerment, and healing. Lina Mystic believes that this forgiveness process can strengthen the love you have within yourself, creating a more high vibrational life.


These specific copies will also be autgraphed and written with a note if you desire. 

Healers Break to Heal: The Guide to Forgiveness Workbook

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