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3 Reasons Why You Keep Seeing Woodpeckers | Woodpecker Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Three reasons why you keep seeing the mystical and bold Woodpecker.

Reason #1: A New Journey

You are embarking a new journey of some sort. Maybe applying to new jobs, starting new classes, courses, seminars, or stepping out of your comfort zone. Whatever the exact case is for you, your life is changing and transitioning. Specifically because you have made way for a new journey to begin.

This is a sign that your strides will not be in vain. You have taken necessary steps towards outgrowing the old you and planting seeds for the new and growing version of yourself.

Because of the changes you have made, you may be feeling mentally overwhelmed. But you should know that you are supported much more than you think. Reach out to an ear to listen to you. And if you find yourself uncomfortable sharing your shadows then speak out loud to yourself or even journal your truest emotions. You may find your wings untied once you begin being completely honest about how you feel deeper than the surface (especially when expressing to yourself).

Look out for potential mentors and guides along this new journey so that you can learn through and expand your growth.

And remember for new results, new steps must be taken. So do not fall back into unhealthy, un-serving and un-nourishing behaviors. Keep stepping forward and do not by any means sabotage your growth and highest potentials.

Reason #2: Stuck In Your Own Way | Chasing Perfection

Having our lives imagined and all planned out can be extremely valuable but also painful through the course of chasing perfection.

At the time of seeing the woodpecker things may not be going according to plan, at least the way you imagined so. But the woodpecker comes as reassurance that The Divines plan is still in action.

Although you may not see the value in what appears to be road blocks, there is still value in every moment. Sometimes what seems to be a roadblock could in fact be what directs you towards true and worthy alignment.

So give thanks that God has taken part in orchestrating your divine direction.

Reason #3: Make Some Noise

No longer are you the tiny and quiet mouse. Your spirit has longed to be heard and is long overdue for expression. Not simply irrelevant or useless expression but instead justified expression.

This expression may come in a number of ways. Whether standing up for yourself, others, or even a community. Or even artistic expression. Voice expression. Fashion expression. In every way you are stepping into become an expressionist.

Embodying your truest form of authenticity.

So do not be afraid to stand out and make some noise just as the woodpecker.

Thank you 🧚🏽‍♂️ for reading and wishing you all the blessings that you desire and deserve!

Written by Lina Mystic
10 March 2022

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Jacquelyn Williams
Jacquelyn Williams
Mar 11, 2022

I really enjoyed this one, boo!

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