Owl Spiritual Meaning | Owl Spirit Animal

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Owls are quite rare to see, especially in the wild. But if you constantly see an Owl, whether real, a model one, or even in a dream, it brings a message. 

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Curious Owl Facts

Owls are nocturnal and usually active during the night. There are some Owls who can be seen lurking around during dusk and dawn and are more active during the day such as the Snowy Owl or Burrowing Owl. Owl hoots are known to let other animals know of their claims to a particular territory. These same hoots can be heard from miles away. 

As hunters, Owls are very calculated. They plan the execution of their prey.  Within seconds, their eyes can adjust from telescopic to microscopic, making hunting easier for them. They can also rotate their necks 270 degrees. This helps them to watch more of their territory in search of potential prey. Owls are known to eat their prey whole. Their prey ranges from mice to in some cases even small deer although Owls only weigh up to about 4lbs.

Spiritual Meaning of Owls

Owls are definitely mysterious. Although we know they are around somewhere, a lot of us never see a real one. For those who do see them or feel called by this Spirit Animal it may represent how mysterious you are. Maybe you don’t share every calculated plan you have in mind. Or maybe you only come out of hiding when it is necessary. If this doesn’t already represent you, seeing an Owl can be a sign to not tell anyone about your big plans until you have completed them.

Sometimes due to excitement, people feel the urge to tell their “friends” or loved ones their blueprinted plan on how to make their dreams come true. There are a number of ways this could go wrong, but also right. Some people will respond very well to hearing big plans and even invest in them in some way. But it is also quite often that people dismiss those big dreams and this may come from their own insecurities. Your parents or friends may think that your dream is impossible and might not want to see you get hurt or fail in life. That dream may trigger fear in them and that same fear creates a negative energy around your goal which could manifest. 

As a dreamer, it’s important for you to notice other dreamers. They are a part of your tribe. 

Tell the dreamers, that you trust, what your dreams are. You will notice that they ignite your flame and embrace that it burns brighter than before. Those dreamers will inspire you rather than drain you. 

Because Owls are very calculated creatures, seeing one is a sign that you may need to think out your plans with an eye to the long term. It’s important that you remain calculated so that your dream life can come into fruition. Be persistent and determined!

Owls don’t give up just because their prey got away. At the end of the day, they still have to eat.