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Dragonfly Spirit Animal & Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Dragonflies are alluring creatures. Seeing one can bring you into a world of fantasy because of how magical they appear to be. When you see a Dragonfly whether in a dream, in your home, outdoors or anywhere else, it brings a major message.

Dragonflies spend a lot of time in the larval stage of their lives, 2 - 6 years. During this time they prepare for another phase and transformation of their life. It reminds me of how we humans go to school and learn before we enter the “real” world. In school we are supposed to learn things that can help us better prepare for experiences later on in life. We make friends, memories and much more. Oftentimes, after school we end up moving away from our comfort zones, unsure of where life will take us. It’s much similar to the dragonfly that begins its life in water and then years after it transitions into life above water.

That dragonfly doesn’t know for sure what is going to happen next but it takes that leap of faith with instinct.

When you see a dragonfly it is a reminder of transition, and leaps of faith. If you’ve been thinking of changing something in your life, a dragonfly confirms that it is a great time to begin planning your next steps forward. New experiences that may be out of your comfort zone may be exactly what you need right now. Your guides sent a dragonfly on your path to let you know that you’re ready!

You may see that precious dragonfly doing cool tricks as it is midair, gracefully adjusting to whatever winds their environment brings. It’s a fascinating thing to know that the dragonfly can adapt by flying forward, backward, upward, downward and side to side. Not all flying creatures have that much adaptability, meanwhile the dragonfly seems to hold its own with ease.

In a way that dragonfly represents you.

When you see it, it’s telling you that you are ready for change and will adapt with grace. You may fear this transformation, move or shift but it’s exposing and enhancing all the best parts of you. Show the world (and yourself) that you’re capable of adjusting to whatever winds may come your way, just like the dragonfly.

You have great inner wisdom and intuition.

Dragonflies are found to be around 300 million years old. Proving that their legacy has lasted for many many generations. But so are you from many generations. You have racked up ancestors as time has gone on. You are from a long legacy. With that line of legacy comes inner intuition, wisdom and greatness. Trust yourself as you enter into this shift of your life. Trust that your ancestors learned things that have brought you further in life even before you took your first breath of air. You WILL make it out on top, but the first step is your choice to take these opportunities calling out your name. Your long line of legacy comes with ancestors waiting and ready to support you. This is a great time to ask your guides for what you desire. Affirm that you are ready for GOD to lead the way. Your ancestors will support you as Gods will is being done. Remember to ask them for help when you feel you need it. The Dragonfly says to be confident but not to let pride get in the way. Ask for help when you need it !

If you’ve ever seen the dragonfly close up you’ll see that it’s head is mostly eyes. These large eyes represent your vast amount of wisdom and intuition. Listen to your foresight and your gut on this one! You might be led towards a new adventure at this time. Embrace it ! Knowing that your intuition will guide you along as well as your guardian angels.

Dragonflies bring confirmation that you are ready to take the next step. If you keep seeing them while with a lover then it says, go on and take the next step with your lover. If you see it by yourself it says, take the next step in your life that you’ve been contemplating for some time. The dragonfly appears fearless. It reminds you that although you may have fear, you live by faith and not by fear. Fear cannot stop you unless you allow it to. In any situation with your wisdom, intuition and divine guidance you WILL OVERCOME.

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