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A Ladybug Landed On Me | Lady Bug Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

It is such a beautiful experience when nature welcomes you. It's even better knowing that nature feels comfortable knowing that you welcomed it! You start to wonder why there are specific times that nature comes closer to you. How to get nature to welcome you more often?

It's like the time stops as soon as that beautiful ladybug lands on you. You smile knowing that you are now one with nature, although technically you always were. But this particular moment is a huge reminder.

Lady bugs are known to bring good luck. The lovely red with black dots creature brings joy to those who witness it. When a lady bug lands on you it highlights these qualaities listed below!

  • Fun

  • Boldness

  • Happiness

  • Innocence

  • Transformation

  • Self - Confidence

  • End of A Tough Cycle

The lady bug reminds us to have fun, be innocent for a moment and to realease stress. As we get older life becomes more "real" for us. But if you think about it, life becomes more stressful than real. We get older and begin to expect the worst and that isn't right. We deserve to live life with hope. The lady bug reminds us of that. It's important to always have hope. Hope is what gives us something to look forward to during hardships. So if you see a ladybug during a rough time, she is telling you that light is coming. A breakthrough is near. Success is around the corner ! Enjoy these moments because they are the ones you'll look back on and be grateful that you held on tight to your hope, fun and joy.

For those of you simplifying your spirit and know that you are meant to stand out, the ladybug reminds you to be bold. From the day you were born it was written in your fate to be unique, to be different, to stand out! Embrace your most unique traits. Love them and even have fun enhancing some of them. Look at yourself and be confident in your greatness, just as confident as the ladybug is with her uniqueness.

When a ladybug landed on me yesterday, I smiled the biggest I had smiled in a while because I instantly knew goodness was here with me. A sign of blessings was here on my shoulder, right with the ladybug. She stayed with me for a bit to make herself known. She wanted to be seen and noticed so that I could recieve the good news! The light is near, says the ladybug. Don't give up because your hard work is paying off. Remember to be happy with hope because things are already working in your favor.

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1 Comment

My grandmother used to say that when a ladybug lands on you, your guardian angels are around, offering comfort or support..

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