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Northern Cardinal Spirit Animal | Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Many of us are familiar with this beautifully bold bird. With its crest and bright vivid red it can be seen from a far. The Northern Cardinal makes sure its stands out when you see it. When it stops your moment and presses pause in your life it is very important that you identify what this spirit animal means for you during this phase of your life.

Curious Facts

The root word of Cardinal is Cardo. In Latin, Cardo means hinge, which explains why many people believe the Cardinal connects the earthly and spiritual realm.

The Northern Cardinal has been named the official bird of at least seven U.S states. Unlike many birds, they do not migrate. They are however more common in Southeast U.S states, due to their warm climate. They eat seeds, fruit, grains, sap and insects. They are very social and even join flocks of different types of birds. Unknown to many of us, the bright red cardinal that we see and love is the male. The female cardinal has a gray, tan and brown coloring. The bright red is very crucial for mating, allowing the male to be bold.

Cardinals are thought to be loyal to their mates considering they are monogamous. The male and female both provide for their young. As the mother protects the eggs and stays at her "post" in her nest, the father looks for food and feeds her from his own mouth, providing proper care. They both teach, feed and protect their young after they hatch.

It is very common in Cardinal "culture" for them to continue living within the area they hatched. They rarely move far from home and are considered non-migratory birds.

They are also considered to be song birds. They can sing a large variety of different melodies. The males use their call to find their mate. The females are known to also call their mates while they are in their nest. It's a lot more rare for a northern female bird to be a song bird but the cardinal female sings very often, just as much as the male. The male, while parenting, can become a more similar color to his partner / mate. Sounds to me like a wedding ring. On a more serious note, it can create a better environment for him being able to blend in with his family and camouflage in his niche.

Spiritual Meaning of Cardinals

The Cardinal rarely leaves too far from its home even after it's matured, which has led me to believe the same about our loved ones. I think that our loved ones find a home within us that is connected to our spirit. In a way leading them to always live within us and around us. We could smell their cologne, perfume, or a meal they used to make and it triggers our memories of them.

These memories are life.

They are a reminder that they will forever live on, as long as we allow them to.

The Cardinal shows up to let us know our loved ones never left their home. That home is within us. When we feel the need to talk and bond with our loved one, we can look back on memories and know exactly what they'd say.

Sometimes you could do something and hear your loved ones voice knowing that it's something they'd say. Listen to that voice because it reminds you of how close they truly are. It reminds you of how they have always been within spiritual reach.

The Cardinal shows up saying "Hey," so greet 'em back. Send a message with the Cardinal to your loved one and watch them send one in return.

" I've Never Left. "

The Cardinal is very bold with its bright red coloring. The color is so bold it demands respect, and even attention. The way it can stop moments of many is a sign that you can do the same. Interestingly, this bold bird sings loud and clear. Some people claim they can hear them sing "cheer, cheer, cheer."

Seeing a Cardinal could be a sign for you to speak your truth. It could mean it's time for you to stand up for yourself and demand the respect that you deserve. For those of you wanting a promotion and you know you have been putting in the work, bring it up again and bring proof about why you have earned it. For those of you needing more help at home, let people know be clear and not passive.

A closed mouth RARELY gets fed.

Maybe people always offered before you had to ask. But now is your time to shine. Ask, and you shall receive. Now is not the time to wait on other people. It is time for you to actively work towards your goals and remind people of what you deserve.

You can't wait for people to make your dreams come true.

It is so important to know that you have a voice and can become your own and best advocate !

Keep in mind that you can outgrow a relationship, job and/or environment. Maybe you're vibrating at a higher frequency and the job you currently have doesn't match your frequency anymore. Maybe your friend brings your energy down. Maybe your homes vibrational energy is not where it needs to be.

Take control in your life by identifying the problem and creating a solution.

The Cardinal is huge reminder to be resourceful. The female builds her nest with grass, twigs, bark, and whatever she can find. This shows her dedication, persistence and resourcefulness.

These qualities can be found within yourself you just have to activate them.

When you see the Cardinal, it's a sign to use what you have to create what you want.

GOD provides everything we need in life. It is guaranteed that you will always have what you need. But if you don't know how to use it, you will continue to feel lack. The more gratitude you welcome into your life, the more you will find, fulfillment.

The Cardinal presence screams "unique."

This bird is completely unique from its color, crest, singing, flying in any flock it wants, and being non-migratory. It's among a rare few in many ways.

Cardinals are a huge reminder to be you ! Fly with your own flock. Create what you desire and live with your tribe. You never have to force yourself to fit in when your souls tribe already has a seat waiting for you. Forcing yourself to be someone you're not keeps you from experiencing true fulfillment.

The Cardinal is a reminder of choice.

No matter how stuck you currently feel, there is a way out. Maybe the way out may take some planning, or maybe you've planned enough but you must take an active step. Whatever the case may be, YOU ARE NOT TRAPPED. You can find a way. Dive within your infinite knowledge and connect to the divine source so that you may learn discernment.

You are free and will forever remain free but you must make the choice to be.

Cardinal Mythology History

Native American Culture :

Native Americans believed that those who see a cardinal will have good luck within the 12 days of that sighting. They also believe/d that the Cardinal could deliver messages back and forth between the Earth and Spirit realm.

Sources :

Gos Angelo

Written : 25 Nov 2020

Lina Mystic

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