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3 Reasons You Keep Seeing Horses

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The horse sends a very bold and clear message when it repeatedly arrives into your life. If you see them and your heart draws you towards their spiritual message, look closely at this article, as there will be a load of messages from the horse spirit.

Be Free & Journey Into The Unexpected

Far too often, you have beaten yourself up for things not going according to plan. This is at a huge disadvantage for you. You have yet to note how much power you have within you that you used to overcome strife repeatedly.

Power is commonly found in unexpected moments when plans go into disarray.

Open your heart and mind to your successes regardless of if moments followed step by step or in a non-linear fashion. YOU MADE IT, AND YOU DID IT! Celebrate yourself.

Although creating plans can also be noted as powerful, ensure that you are mentally and spiritually equipped for anything ahead. Ensure that you know your destination rather than following the simplest form of a map.

We do not always know how we will get there but we do trust that we will. This is where your faith comes in.

Your courage to have faith arrives in these moments. Challenge yourself to trust you'll arrive at your destination without following a map that God never handed you.

These maps we create are often our ego's way of telling us we are safe, but the reality is when we follow God, we remain safe and taken care of. Trust that God is with you on this journey, and be free while journeying through the unexpected.

Rest, Patience, Success

Sometimes we can taste our dreams on the tip of our tongue and begin to run, knowing our mind, body, and spirit have been going full speed for far too long. Reaching goal after goal without a proper celebration. Chasing new journeys as we have just finished another. Saying we will rest when we are gone. But what type of care is that for oneself? It doesn't seem to be care at all.

We must listen to what our mind, body, and spirit need. And although you are so close you can breathe in the scent of success, you must rest at this time. Resting can be one of the most difficult things on a passionate journey. While it can be the most frustrating, it is one of the very most important. Resting is where our intuition recovers, rebuilds, and reconnects. Rest and celebration is how we fight burnout.

If you desire success, then you must understand and respect the power in rest, as they go hand in hand.

Filtering Beliefs

The world has placed its burdens on you—their lack of faith, freedom, love, and empathy. But you can choose whether or not you sign those agreements to your spirit. They have no control over the steps you take, but you do. It starts with the mind.

Do not allow others' contagious thoughts and beliefs to infect the purity of your own. You can determine what you will allow to be true to yourself. Choose wisely.

No one should be able to remove what GOD has blessed you to desire and be able to obtain. Many will not understand your journey, but that is perfectly fine because it wasn't gifted to them. It was handed directly to you.

Write your own story, and stop allowing people who have already given up on theirs to write yours. Graciously dispose of their beliefs when they do not resonate with your destination and prayers. Remind yourself of how your previous prayers have been answered. Remind yourself of your courage to create and design your own reality.

Filter through the beliefs that are yours and learn to discern which beliefs of others to carry on your blessed journey.

Written 4 March 2023

By Pearline Muckelvene

Lina Mystic Oracle LLC


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