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An Incredible Message From The Moth Spirit Animal | Moth Spirit Animal Messenger

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The moth spirit seems quite familiar however you'll know when it comes with a message. You will intuitively know when it has a sign destined for you. You'll know when it's time to decipher its reason for showing up. And if you still have doubts about whether the moth has a message for you or not, if you were simply led by spirit to look up their spiritual symbolism, this message is undoubtedly for you.

From Comfort To Growth

The moth goes through a process called metamorphosis, just like the butterfly. Through this process, they enter a cacoon that initially seems dark and lonely. They do not fully know how they will come out of it, but instinctually, they figure it out. They adapt to this process of growth and change and observe while they experience this massive shift in their lives.

When they are ready, they break free from the cacoon and explore the world as the new and growing version of themselves. They no longer get around the world the same way and they no longer walk the same paths. Instead, they now reach new heights that they never knew existed beforehand.

We, humans, go through something very similar when we are ready for our next phase, but ours is called Spiritual Awakening.

This Spiritual Awakening process you are currently going through may be mighty uncomfortable, just as it is for a moth to sit in a cacoon and not know what is coming next. But this same process allows you to become exactly what you are aligned to be.

This is not a time to panic. Instead, take it as a sign to take a break from your usual routine. This is an excellent time to explore your world as if you have entered into a new universe. Nothing is the same anymore. You can already feel the differences. Now explore and observe them.

Your life is headed in a new direction. And you may feel that you are in the dark.

But darkness is where light is created.

You are being awarded the opportunity to seek your new light source within that is a superpower you've currently unlocked. This same superpower is waiting to be discovered and utilized.

So look at this present darkness as a unique journey leading you towards your destiny. This is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself, reconstruct your belief system, and design your new lifestyle.

This is your cacoon moment. Right before you emerge as a new you. Vibrating at a different frequency, emitting energy stronger than you've ever been exposed to.

Step into your power. The moth reminds you that you are ready!

Thank you for reading!

Written 6 August 2022 by Lina Mystic Oracle LLC

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