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When The Hawk Shows Up For You | 5 Reasons For Seeing The Hawk Spirit Animal

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Moments come to a halt when you discover the Hawk nearby and in sight. Its alluring yet intense aura can captivate those who witness it.

The Hawk symbolizes a number of signs but if this article has found you then these signs will be specific to this current moment of time in your life.

Talk To Me Nice

The Hawk shows up as a reminder to feed your spirit nurturing words and care. Speak to yourself kindly with love, compassion and understanding. Empower yourself just as you would another.

You are worthy of being spoken to kindly not only because that is how you treat others but because you radiate pure kindness in all that you are.

Your smile is kind. Your heart is kind. Even your aura is kind. So do not allow yourself to hold back on the kindness that you deserve to give to yourself.

This may be a great time to pull up your musical platform applications and search the song Talk To Me Nice by Toni Jones.

No longer rush yourself. No longer speak ill over yourself. No more passiveness. Protect your energy! Set proper boundaries. And

love yourself for all that you are. And when you begin to grow dislike for something that you are or that you practice, begin identifying how to grow from those spaces and practices.

You are unlimited and capable of any and all things.

You are worthy of your desires. Trust yourself and all of your potentials. Even reflect on what you have already done and give praise for what you have overcome and created!

An Aura Of Power

You are a natural born leader. Allow yourself to be in positions of power without talking yourself down. When you are awarded positions in leadership know that it is because you have a heart to lead. It may be difficult to see it when you look in the mirror but know that the world sees it because in every step you take, you take it in power.

You may find that when you are in spaces you are often naturally elected as the leader and that is because you are truly worthy.

In moments that you need to reclaim your power envision the hawk on your shoulder. Leading right alongside you. Envision the aura of power in the hawk radiating through your own spirit because that is why it shows up for you. It shows up to join its fellow leaders.

A sign from the ethereal that you are ready to extend to the world the leadership qualities within you.


Hawks are very aware and protective. At this time you are being reminded to pray protection over yourself. Affirm that you are protected. The Divine and Angels are always listening and are ready to jump in to aid you at anytime. First, you must learn to ask so that you may simply receive.

Praying protection over yourself can allow you to radiate more confidence. Knowing that The Divine has heard you out and is with you, can enhance your life. You begin to notice that you no longer let fear overcome you but instead you grow your faith in Divine support.

In your minds eye, imagine The Divine laying a layer of protection around your aura. Imagine that aura radiating a golden shield that can not be penetrated and only grows stronger through time. Imagine that the only energies that can penetrate your golden shield is loving, kind, gentle and good positive energy. That you are protected from outer negative energies while cleansing yourself of any impure and un-resonating energies that you already harbor.

Put your back straight and hold your head up high with faith that you are more protected than ever before.

Embracing Your Minds Eye

The Hawks almighty intuition is a reflection of your own. This phenomenal spiritual messenger appears as a marvelous indication that you are ready to trust and embrace your intuition.

You have had a strong inner wisdom since a very young age.

You have felt the hair on your skin raise when you are in a place that isn't designed for you at that time. Your mind has sent you signals that seem impossible to know beforehand. Your body has guided you into the right places at the right time.

Your intuition has always been impeccable. The more you listen to it, the stronger it will become.

At this time if you are unsure of a person, decision, or step to take, call on the Hawk spirit during a meditation. Envision the different routes and options and ask the hawk to guide you. Watch as the hawk flows with the wind in the direction that you should step in.

No longer doubt the steps you feel led to take. Take them and trust in the protection and inner wisdom that you have earned.

Take The Step

The hawk comes at a time that you begin to move differently. You may have picked up a new practice, begun interviewing for new jobs, begun a course, started school (again), even joined a new group of friends.

The hawk says "go for it."

This is a great time to embrace new steps, new journeys and new joys. Do not hold yourself back in the name of fear because fear can sometimes be limited to a chain that keeps you back from your desires. Fear shows up with excuses while your intuition has no apparent reasoning but still guides you.

Take the step and be confident that there is no failure as long as you keep taking steps. Faith over fear because faith leads you towards destiny. And when fear begins to show up, know that your blessings are closer than they were before. Know that a breakthrough is near because fear shows up when you're beginning to figure it out. When you're beginning to learn something you've never thought of before. When you're breaking through your limited beliefs and comfort zones.

Trust the journey because it has always been your destiny.

Written 24 March 2022

by Lina Mystic

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