How To Start Your Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Spiritual Awakenings are definitely magical. But it's not like being a child who is kid napped on a flying ship and taken into a new realm while being haunted by a grown man named hook. It all begins with a choice, while others begin with a trigger.

The Trigger Awakening

Awakenings that are triggered by a particular experience is what I call a Trigger Awakening. Mine started one night around 3 am. I was up all night doing research on music labels because I was an up and coming singer in the D.M.V (D.C, M.D, V.A area.) If you're wondering why the urgency of being up at 3am, long ahead in the future I am wondering the same exact thing. SMH. In the pitch black dark beside my bed, I was doing sit ups to prepare for my music video shoot, knowing damn well 20 sit ups one night right before the shoot wasn't going to help me lose the 20 + pounds that I desired.

As I finished one last sit up I saw a dark shadow like figure running full speed towards me ! WTF. Without even thinking about it, I jumped up all in one motion and landed on my bed right up under my husband. It was the fastest I ever fell asleep. I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to figure out what it was. I just wanted to sleep... Hmmm SLEEP. That's exactly what you are before your awakening. A sleeper. Someone who chooses not to face things.

Watch A Video On Opening My Third Eye

The next morning I was stuck. I couldn't forget that moment no matter how hard I tried.

Weeks leading up to that night I had been seeing 777, 555 and a bunch of other repeating numbers. I had no clue why but it was weird. Why am I all of a sudden seeing these same numbers everywhere I look?

I started to google these things I never experienced before and the word "Spiritual Awakening," kept popping up. But WHAT THE HECK is a spiritual awakening? I then was drawn to talk to a psychic. My sister and I went to one and when we arrived I felt a strong energy flowing through me. The energy was so strong I felt a "shaking" in my body. I told my sister the moment I entered the Psychics home I felt a "shake."

She told me a better word was vibration.

It felt so familiar once she used that word.

It was the perfect word to describe what I felt.


I got read by one of the Psychics and she told me the shadow person was someone trying to hurt me. I was terrified although in my heart I didn't think that she was telling the truth. I basically put all my power in her and let her determine my fear. She offered her services for over $400 to get rid of this dark presence but in my heart I knew I didn't need her services. I felt like I could use my personal power in some way to control this situation, what ever it was. Knowing that I didn't have $400 to spare, I asked her how I could detach myself from this "evil force" that she described. She said that I'd need to buy all these materials that would cost thousands, but she already had them, so it'd be easier if I just hired her. I felt deceit from her the whole time. But I still allowed myself to be driven by fear that If I didn't pay her $400 to rid myself of this demon, I'd suffer for the rest of my life. She swore to me there was only one way to rid my life of this evil force. She assured me she was the perfect one to do it. Yea, I didn't have a 7 foot amethyst and 6 foot black candle. But my spirit told me I could figure this all out on my own.

I denied her services. Told her that I felt I could handle it.

I dove into my personal power. During prayer I found that the woman was trying to scam me because the spirit wasn't evil at all, it was just lost. It needed my help. That moment is when I realized my whole life I had been seeing these spirits (born a psychic medium) but I never wanted to face them so I pushed the memories to the back of my head... HOW IGNORANT lol.

This time was different though, no matter how bad I wanted to, I couldn't push this memory to the back of my head, therefore every encounter with seeing spirits I had hidden had come forth.

I spoke to the spirit that the scammer claimed was evil and told him/her that I knew they weren't evil and just needed help. I offered my assistance as long as they were full of light. I still feel them lingering like an ancestor on the other side but never feel the darkness she claimed it had.

From that moment I realized that I had plenty more power than I had ever given myself credit for. That's what my FIRST spiritual awakening was for. Awakening to my personal power.

I like to think all spiritual awakenings are trigger awakenings considering we all have a moment that triggers us to choose to wake up.