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Signs A Child Is An Empath | Is Your Child Sensitive ?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I believe that everyone is born an empath, however not everyone is as highly sensitive as others.

Empaths in this article are categorized as highly energy sensitive individuals.

Children empaths are very common. They also require a unique understanding due to their highly sensitive way of life.

It's not necessarily a choice for a kid when it comes to being an empath or not being one. Most kids don't even know that they are one. In fact calling them sensitive may trigger them.

The best thing you can do for an empath is understand that they think, feel and live differently than less sensitive empaths.

Signs That A Child Is An Empath

Sign #1 : They Cry A Lot

Empaths are highly energy sensitive individuals. They can feel almost anyones energy that comes across them. Someone could walk in the door downstairs from a bad day and the empath upstairs, didn't even hear them but they instantly become emotional or emotionally drained. This is because their energy is connecting with the other persons energy. Not intentionally but because they are so highly energy sensitive. Meaning their energy aura is open and often times unprotected.

The best thing you can do is teach them to protect their energy. There are many ways to do this. One very easy way is for the sensitive to imagine a white light surrounding them. Only good may be welcomed into this white light aura. However when a threat comes near he or she will be repelled while also picking up white light from the sensitive. Any white light given from the sensitive's energetic aura will be replenished. This should be practiced often.

Sign #2: Automatically Reject Certain People

It is very common for empaths to reject people before even giving them a chance to reveal themselves. Usually they won't have a reason because most likely they don't understand why they've rejected someone. They may scream as soon as you hand them to a particular person although normally they are content.

The reasoning isn't necessarily that the individual is a bad person, however sometimes that is the case. It could be because that person has too much chaos in their energy field. It could be because that person doesn't like kids and the child knows energetically. It could be that the person is fake and their aura speaks to who they really are. Who knows.

Sometimes the child empath needs to warm up to the person first. This may include them watching the person to see if they are capable of being energetically kind. Often times regardless of if a person is a great person or not, if they have too much chaotic energy, the child may continously reject them. They will be more comfortable once that person is in a healthier state of balance or happiness.

Sign #3: Wise Beyond Their Years

Empath children say a lot of intelligent things that they shouldn't know (based on the average knowledge of a child). They have a vast knowledge of things many adults don't even know.

You could be looking for a solution to something that you never said out loud and they walk up to you in confidence telling you the ideal solution for your problems. It's because they sense your energy.

Often times they are vessels directly from the Divine as well. You could ask GOD for a sign and an empath child will be the vessel that GOD sends.

You may think to yourself "how do they know this?"

Sign #4: Natural Born Psychologists

Children empath don't always seem to be children. In other words, you may feel comfortable talking to a 9 year old empath about what they think you should do with your real life issues. Related to sign #3 they may actually give you an intelligent solution. But in the moment you may not think much about it.

This 9 year old just fixed my life.

A strange experience but for sure welcomed. Child empaths are like natural born psychologists. Go ahead and pull out $20 every time they're around because you will definitely gain some form of healing being in their presence.

Sign #5: Helpful Nature

These impactful sensitives have a way of being infinitely helpful. They are constantly trying to help someone. Maybe you have 5 kids. Every time you do a task the 3rd and 4th oldest child always seem to help you or even know when you need help. However the other children are completely oblivious to when you need help. This could be a sign that these two children are empaths, especially if you rarely asks for help

but they end up helping anyway. They have an

innate empathy for others.

Sign #6: Your Energy Becomes Theirs

Off days are inevitable. But the challenging part for an empath is understanding that someone else's energy is not their own. If you have an off day and you notice the child sensitive is having one as well, your energies could be combined. They feel what you feel. Next time you notice your energy becoming theirs, ask them why they feel this way. They may not have a reason at all. This can help them to understand that they may be tapping into someone else's energy.

Sign #7: Don't Kill That Animal !

Your child empath may become upset when someone kills. Maybe a friend stepped on a bug and the child empath cried because they have high empathy for all living things. You may even find them taking a bug outside instead of killing it. Young empaths might decide to become vegetarian or even find an interest in it, especially once they figure out where meat comes from.

They usually find an interest in more high vibrational foods such as fruit, vegetables and non processed food.

Sign #8: Intense Dreamer

Children empaths have the potential to have very intense dreams. This could be really horrible nightmares or very vivid dreams about people, things, or places. In all, they are usually among the rare who remember their dreams or dream symbolism.

Sign #9: Natural Born Mediator

Sensitives will mediate a conversation quick fast and in a hurry. Even if it doesn't seem like an argument to you, the sensitive will try to mediate it anyway. This is because they can sometimes see where things are going. Or they know someone's intentions based off of their energy. You will find most children empaths, even as babies will try to mediate any tension.

Sign #10: Extroverted Introvert

Empath Children love to be around people. They may not even be near the people but love seeing them or being in the same room as them. They love to go places, see people and do things that involve other people. However, once they leave from being around people (without proper energy protection), they become drained. They may take a long nap after school, or grocery shopping because they sucked up so much energy from other people. They may even get random energy bursts (random crying, random anger. . .) from being in an environment with multiple people.

Sign #11: Personality Imitation / Chameleon

Sensitives are chameleons. It's not always on purpose but due to them being able to pick up on energy they absorb and become that energy.

They can pick up on attitudes and behaviors of other people. It is common for them to lose themselves (personality wise) in becoming the people that they spend their time with. It is so important for sensitives to protect their energy and actively spend time with people of higher vibration.

As a child, these empaths may have trouble figuring out who they authentically are. The more they protect their energy, the easier it will be for them to discern their energy and another.

Children Empaths are beautiful gifts from GOD. It is important that they are not picked on by their earth guardians about their sensitivity. Be understanding of their unique ability to receive, read and discern energy.

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Written By Lina Mystic

4 Jan 2021

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