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Butterfly Spiritual Meaning | Why You Keep Seeing Butterflies | The Earthly Messenger

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Butterflies are seen to be one of the most beautiful bugs we have on this planet. It's no doubt that when people see a butterfly they wonder why something so beautiful continues to cross their path. It's almost as if the butterfly speaks to us, sending us messages that we carry along our souls daily.

Curious Facts

Butterflies go through an amazing transition process called metamorphosis. This means that they basically change in shape. This is the process in which they transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Butterflies 🦋 are among the very few creatures that go through a "complete" metamorphosis process. These similar creatures include the moth, beetle, fly and bee.

Just as the moth there are four stages in the metamorphosis of the butterfly: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The mother butterfly lays multiple eggs at once. This gives a better chance of survival for at least one or more larvae. She will lay these eggs on a very specific leaf with the intention of providing healthy food for her young. The very same leaf that the egg is laid on will be the same leaf that the newly hatched young will eat. Fascinating that they also eat the egg that they hatched from. As a young, larvae, they eat different than they would as an adult.

The job of a caterpillar sounds like heaven to me. Their job is to simply eat. So the next time I see one I'll be sure to ask if they're hiring ! Fun fact, as the caterpillar grows, it sheds it skin, very similar to snakes. What an interesting creature.

Here's to what you came here for. After the pupa stage, the butterfly emerges from the Chrysalis (pupa) with wings that are quite soft waiting for blood to properly pump through them so that they can be of use. At this point, the butterfly has reached its growth potential in this stage. It's the prime time for them to enjoy their new talents !

Did you know that some butterflies can grow up to 12 inches, that's equivalent to the size of a foot. They can fly up to about 25 mph while they average 12 mph. Very interesting considering humans can run about 28 mph. Butterflies are pretty fast considering their size.

Hopefully these curious facts taught you something that you'll never forget! Now let's discuss the spiritual side of the Butterfly !

Spiritual Meaning Of Butterflies

Be Present

Now we aren't discussing caterpillars at this point because you have grown into a vibrant butterfly already. When you see the caterpillar it is asking you to prepare for growth, but the butterfly is proud of your growth. It is now asking you to adjust to your new life. You've done the work for the growth, now embrace it. Explore your new talents, new mindset and power. Enjoy this stage because at some point you will outgrow it as you've out grown the others. Remember to be present as you spread your wings and adventure your new potential. You are free in this moment. Explore daily. Explore your mind, body, spirit, the universe, and anything that calls your name. Think of how a butterfly flies playfully, in moments of need, be similar. Everything doesn't have to be serious or stressful.

Remember there is a balance to everything. There can be no light without the darkness. The butterfly is a perfect representation of this considering it can not grow into its vibrant winged self without the introspection of the pupa stage.

Time For A Revisit

When you feel stuck, remember what your pupa stage / stage of growth taught you. The time of introspection is a time you want to revisit. It's okay to revisit the past to gather a lesson. Being present is a must but so is reflection. We are meant to learn from our lives and if you feel you are not learning, maybe it's time to reflect on the lessons you may have previously missed.

Drop The Book, Begin The Practice

While learning is crucial do not consume all of your time just eating up information. Your job isn't simply to eat as it was when you were a caterpillar. As a chef there is no point in looking at delicious recipes and not actually trying to complete them yourself. Try something new with all this information you've gathered.

Mindfulness and Introspection Will Reveal The Answers & Growth You Seek

No one knows exactly what goes through the mind of a butterfly before the pupa stage or even during. But I can only imagine if I was told to enter an enclosed space for an expanded length of time, I'd get anxiety just thinking of it. Asking a multitude of questions, wondering why the heck do I need to do this.

Sometimes the Universe guides us to our pupa stage, knowing it will bring the growth that we seek and desire. But stubborn us fight it so hard until we have no fight left within us. We blame GOD saying GOD broke us, but the truth is we broke ourselves fighting our own path and divine purpose. We have to stop fighting our alignment and welcome it in. Yes, it may be uncomfortable but if we really look at our current situation we are more than likely in an unhealthy discomfort already. The push from Source puts us in a healthier discomfort, allowing us to grow.

Now is the time to listen and be directed by the Divine. Practice prayer now and everyday allowing yourself to be more connected to Spirit. When you follow the Divine, Divineness and blessings magnetize towards you.

Your Awareness Has Expanded | Welcome In Ascension

You are no longer the same wandering caterpillar that you were before. You've learned so much since those days. Now is the time to explore this new awareness and be eternally grateful. Some people have and will never learn what you have which puts you at an advantage. You can teach the people around you who desire to learn. You can practice your new abilities. You can expand that knowledge even further. What a blessing.

Choose Wisely

As the mother butterfly travels to find the best leaf for her children you should do the same. Each moment is a moment of setting the foundation. Do it with an eye to the long term and enjoy the process. If you have begun a business now is the time to be strategic and think about the decisions you are making and how they will affect you and others in the long term. Weigh the pros and the cons.

Will this leaf be nutritious for the larvae? Will I be able to afford this brand new luxury car after tax season?

The butterfly may also be sending a sign for you to do a little more research and planning. But once you have vividly looked for information put your big human shoes on to make a proper decision that fits best.

Remember that everyone has their own path. Just because Lisa bought her brand new house and you're still living with your parents, that does not make you a failure. Each butterfly grows differently, flys differently and overall lives differently. By listening to divine guidance, they flourish, and so can you.

Message From The Other Side

The metamorphosis process is pretty much the death of a caterpillar or at least it can be perceived that way. But that death is not the end, it marks the beginning of something new and beautiful. After that transition emerges the beautiful butterfly who has a completely different goal and purpose in life. This is very similar to our passed on loved ones. They fulfilled their purpose with their previous shell and now they emerge into an eternal beautiful being with a completely new purpose. They guide the ones they've left behind although they've never really left because they are always with us as particles in presence.

These beautiful butterflies show up in a time where we need confirmation that our transition loved one can still hear us, connect with us, and even understand us. It's a sign that they've never left. You may be thinking heavily of a passed on loved one and a butterfly will show up in that moment as validation.

Or maybe you begin to feel alone and you feel the essence of a loved one and then noticed a butterfly flying around you. Your loved one is near.

Butterfly Colors And Their Meanings

Representations listed below.

White Butterfly :

  • You are getting a visit from a deceased loved one or even an angel.

  • You are embarking ascension and undergoing deep spiritual transformation.

  • Good luck is on its way to you.

Black Butterfly :

  • Bad news or death of someone is approaching. Also represents spiritual rebirth.

  • Longevity or renewal is approaching.

  • Overall this symbolizes the darkness before the light.

  • You are approaching a spiritual breakthrough

Yellow Butterfly :

  • You are experiencing great moments of joy and creativity.

  • Wealth; good fortune; honest prosperity

  • Good health

  • New life and transformation

Brown Butterfly :

  • You are in a period of growth.

  • Need for balance in life

  • You may need to lighten up and have a little more fun.

  • Be gentler on yourself and others.

  • Important news is on its way.

  • A visit from a famous well known person or relatives long departed.

Orange Butterfly :

  • Embrace creativity

  • Joy and positivity is coming.

  • You may be experiencing an abundance of passion at this time.

Green Butterfly :

  • When among green grasses and among flowers, a sign of prosperity and fair attainments.

  • News from friends living far away from you

  • Love; money; omen related to wealth

  • When inside your home or place of business, this is a sign of success in a business endeavor.

Blue Butterfly :

  • You are very lucky.

  • Departed loved ones sending a message

  • Divine intervention from God or Source

  • Good Omen

Butterfly Mythology & History

Greek Culture :

Named "Psyche" by Philosopher Aristotle, butterflies were believed to be the soul of the deceased. Psyche translated means soul.

Roman Culture

The butterfly was related to transformation. A famous Roman statue depicts a butterfly flying out of the mouth of a dead man indicating the his soul leaving the body.

Irish Culture :

In Irish folklore it is said that the butterfly is the very soul of a human. The butterfly has the capability to travel to the underworld / otherworld and back. It was commonly believed that specifically white butterflies were the souls of deceased children, so much so that there was a law forbidding people from killing a white butterfly. They believed that killing a white butterfly was bad luck because they were associated with being the souls of deceased children. However good luck would follow you year round if a white butterfly was the first butterfly you'd seen all year. In Irish culture the butterfly is also associated with the fire of the Gods, the dealan-dhe'. In Irish folklore butterflies were the souls of the dead who returned to visit their favorite places and their loved ones. The red admiral butterfly was thought to have been the devil. They also believed that three butterflies flying together meant a child will soon be born.

Native American Culture :

In Native American culture a butterfly represents joy and change. They thought of the butterfly as a resurrection and miracle of transformation symbol. It has a very positive presence in this culture. They have specific spiritual meaning beliefs depending on the color and type of a butterfly.

Each color and their indication is listed below,

Yellow Butterfly : Hope ; Guidance

Black Butterfly : Illness ; Bad News

White Butterfly : Good luck

Red Butterfly : Important Event

Brown Butterfly : Important News

Each tribe had their own unique beliefs. The Tohono O'odham believed the butterfly would carry ones prayers to the Great Spirit. The process included catching a butterfly without causing it harm and then whispering the desires to it. Because of the butterflies incapability to actually speak, the only one to know of the desire would be the person who whispered it and the Great Spirit. A wish given to a butterfly is always granted, in exchange for also setting the butterfly free. Zuni people saw butterflies as indicators of the weather. White symbolized the summer weather was soon to begin but dark butterflies meant a long and stormy summer. Yellow meant a bright and sunny summer season was ahead.

Chinese Culture :

In Chinese culture the butterfly represents the essence of joy and happiness. They have even been associated with marital happiness. In this culture they also symbolize immortality. Many depictions have to do with love and romance. For example, the butterfly represents young love and a young heart. They believe you can place an image of a butterfly in your home if you are a romantic. A Chinese legend speaks to the butterfly symbolizing an undying bond between lovers.

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Date Written : 17 March 2021 Lina Mystic

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