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The Magical Symbolism Of Turtles | Turtle Spirit Animal

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The other day, my husband, son, and I took a long walk on a beautiful trail. We witnessed an extremely large turtle about the size of my son's body trying to find a way through the fence that blocked the calm lake on the other side.

My first instinct, with hesitation, was to help him to quickly get through the fence, but then I snapped back into a relaxed state of mind realizing that this was his journey and he didn't need me to put him over the fence, in fact, me trying to rush him over could potentially create more chaos and disruption than necessary.

I reflected on how my mind felt it was crucial that I hurried and got him over the fence and why I may have felt the need to rush him in the first place. Questions consumed my mind to face my lingering consciousness. Why did I believe that he needed to hurry up? Why did I feel the need to get him over there as soon as possible? Why couldn't I accept the thought that he could just take his time?

Then, even more concerns consumed my mind, and the wonder became much more vast and deeply relatable. Why must I obtain my most prominent and most significant goals today and at this moment when I know I'm trying to build something larger than myself? In the same breath assuring myself that Rome wasn't built in a day, and I shalln't rush my foundation either.

Anonymous Quote:

I've learned to stop rushing things that need time to grow

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

The turtle appears as a reminder that we should enjoy the process and, even better, trust it. Acknowledge your hard work and persistence at this moment because it is what it takes to achieve your desires. Know that one day you will reflect and be so proud of your determination and perseverance while building the foundation of your future.

This part of the journey creates a powerful impact on creating the life you have been dreaming of. Embrace this foundational 444 moment without hesitation. Know that at this moment, you are just as worthy as you will be when you finally obtain your dream life.

Slow down, take a break and breathe. You are fabulous, and you should never forget that. Your goals and aspirations to create a powerful impact have already created a magnetic source of blessing to the world. Your genuine spirit is already attracting your goals and desires. Just enjoy the process, and trust that the steps you take today will impact tomorrow.

Buckle Up

Changes will be made in your life within the next few months. You may be moving somewhere different in terms of your home, school, work, or overall environment. This is a shift happening in your life that is preparing you for your breakthrough. Remember to make the best of what life has already blessed you with and keep setting milestones to achieve your biggest goal.

It is not uncommon to feel fear surrounding new routines, environments, or habits. But trust that if your goal is to grow, then the good intentions you've set will position you onto a beautiful path and state of mind.

Know that this is just another step in your life's journey. Every day may not be easy, but always trust and believe that every day is blessed. Find the blessings in each day to recharge your spirit with the power of gratitude. And remember the end goal to make your jumps even stronger.

Turtles Speak !

Did you know that turtles actually speak? The most familiar sound they make is hissing. They can hiss, croak, grunt, and make a few other sounds as well. Ya learn something new every day!

This is just a lovely reminder to speak up when necessary. Do not let people speak to you in any way that makes you feel belittled. Stand tall and talk your. . . stuff. You have the power of your word. Voice is a powerful thing, so use it as a superpower.

Set boundaries with people that need clear boundaries delegated. Make sure people understand what you will not tolerate or accept from them and even set boundaries with yourself. Be sure to face the insecure voice in your head by identifying the root of that voice and why it appears. Speak to yourself kindly and give yourself love. Furthermore, attract great love and compassion to yourself by practicing positive self-talk and empowerment.

Love yourself because you are worthy of every bit of love the world has to offer and then some.

Written by Lina 17.May.2022

Thank you for reading and every bit of support you have extended to me.

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