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Why You Keep Seeing Grasshoppers | Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Has the Grasshopper Spirit Animal been showing up for you lately? Has it stood out and grabbed your attention? Well, get ready for a whirlwind of greatness because that is what the grasshopper spirit brings to you!

Grasshopper Curious Facts

Grasshoppers experience three stages in their metamorphosis life cycle consisting of the embryo, nymph, and adult stage. In this life span of only 12 months they experience many changes and much growth.

So far through research it has been found that all grasshoppers start their life in an egg. The mother will lay around 10-30 eggs at a time and throughout the summer they on average will lay around 100 eggs total. You can find these eggs in places such as underneath sand, tree bark or leaves. Once they hatch, they are considered nymphs.

Nymphs will look very similar to the adult grasshoppers however, they will have yet to develop their wings, full color, size and reproductive organs. They will experience about 5-6 molts during this stage. The molting process consists of when their bodies undergo a change called an incomplete metamorphosis. Their size will increase, their wing pads will develop and even their color will change during this process. The nymph stage averages between 5-10 days before they become considered adults.

The adult stage will last on average 2 months. During this stage their wings, reproductive organs, and so much more will have become developed and matured. In case you didn't realize it beforehand grasshoppers actually have wings, and yes, they use them to fly. Flying aids them when escaping predators alongside using their spit that has been described as brown in appearance.

Many studies have found that the survival rate of Nymphs after hatching is about only 50% due to the huge role grasshoppers play in the food chain. Grasshoppers provide food for many predators such as snakes, lizards, birds, rodents, and even spiders. At this rate they are a hit for the ecosystem.

You may have already noticed the two different types of grasshoppers but if not here is a little information that may make you look closer the next time you see one. There is the long-horned grasshopper and the short-horned grasshopper. The long-horned grasshoppers have antennas/feelers about the same length of their body. The short-horned grasshopper has antennas the size of less than half the length of their body. Which ones do you see more often?

A quite peculiar fact is that grasshopper "ears" can be found on their belly. Can you imagine having a pair of ears on your belly? I know, for me, I get way too hungry throughout the day to have ears on my belly hearing every single growl and ache.

The famous orchestrated sound we all like to talk about that grasshoppers make is actually coming from them rubbing their hind legs on their wings. Imagine seeing that on a stage. The choir making music from rubbing their legs together. Nevertheless, the sound that is yet so familiar to us that it is in fact the sound they make to attract a mate.

I think the wildest fact I found during my research is that grasshoppers existed before dinosaurs did. Fossil records show that grasshoppers existed at least 300 million years ago during the Carboniferous period. I can only imagine the amount of ancestors each individual grasshopper has.

Did you know that if we, humans, could relatively jump the same distance as a grasshopper does with their size, we would be able to jump the size of a football field. Isn't that amazing? Definitely a great sign spiritually and symbolically for those that are seeing the Grasshopper spirit animal.

Spiritual Symbolism of Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers bring the realization of how amazing and divine you were created to be!

If you keep seeing the Grasshopper spirit animal it brings many conformational messages to you!

Lucky You!

You are about to experience a lot of "luck" or what I like to call "alignment." This means that you have been laying down foundations to help you succeed in your goals and aspirations. Your prayers and foundational work are strengthening your opportunities! You should be so proud!

You should know that you are on the right path.

The grasshopper calls on those that are searching for true alignment on their path. You are being blessed tremendously with a journey of divine intervention and guidance. Give gratitude for your spiritual growth and maturity to allow the Divine to guide you without your ego keeping you stagnant and fearful.

You will begin to see many of the things you asked the Divine for coming all together full circle. Remember to be aware of what may seem like a "problem" or challenge. These "problems" may be the exact opportunity that you need to experience the change you have sought out over time.

Give thanks to the Divine for these extreme blessings!

Welcoming a Spiritual Growth Spurt

You may not be able to see it with the naked eye but you are growing tremendously! Your guides are so proud of you.

Although you can be stubborn at times, you are still open to learning, which is a fantastic trait.

Remember to release worry and listen to your instincts just as the grasshopper listens to theirs.

This is a great time to identify any short term and long term goals you have for yourself because this spiritual growth is making your goals more easily obtainable.

You Are Full Of Great Wisdom

At the time of seeing the grasshopper you may be facing a crossroads. Internally, you already know where your heart and intuition are leading you. Listen to that voice. Your intuition is an inner knowing and gut feeling while fear normally comes with an explanation. Listen to that inner wisdom that directs you and never abandons you. Practice discernment and intuition connection by spending much time in your own energy and silence.

Often, you may hear from people that you are wise beyond your years and that is because it is true! You have so much embedded wisdom within that draws from your inner divine intuition. Use that gift and ability because it is what makes you special! Not everyone has the current capability to listen to theirs.


You are one of the chosen few that have been able to make the impossible quite possible!

Grasshoppers jump a huge distance just as far relatively to humans jumping the size of a football field. Shouldn't that be impossible? If these grasshoppers can jump such a huge distance, SO CAN YOU! So take that leap of faith and jump as far and as high as you can because it is your destiny!

It is your destiny to follow you hearts truest desires.

The Human Metamorphosis

Throughout your life you will face many massive transformations and transitions. Almost as if you do not recognize your past selves from this lifetime. This can be a pretty great sign if you are following your authentic path. It means that you are growing and growth brings great opportunity.

These massive transformations will lead you towards your destiny. Each day every choice you make will be a reflection of what you learned from each transitional period in your life. Reflect and honor your wisdom and intelligence to learn from your past.

Survivor No Matter The Challenge

You have faced quite a bit of challenges in your life but you have survived them as well. While seeing the Grasshopper spirit animal you should be reminded of your strength, vitality, courage and wisdom.

Through all of your trials and tribulations you have had the support of your spirit animals, totems, guides and angels. Give them thanks for guiding and supporting you during your lengthly journey.

Remember your power to overcome any battles you are faced with.


You Are A Light-Worker

You are here to spread truth and light to this world. You play an extremely huge role. You will notice that you come across many hurt and damaged people in your life and you have the ability to help them discover their own light. You may even come across strangers that trust you with their deepest secrets because your energy is of true light.

Even though you may be hard on yourself, especially for your past mistakes, your energy is still of light because you have always aimed to become better version of yourself!

Continue to heal yourself because healing yourself first is how you become a true healer.

Free To Be Me

The grasshopper speaks to the freedom you should allow yourself to experience. Your spirit is understanding that your daily activities can become quite repetitive and demanding, but your spirit also needs you to experience freedom.

Freedom can come in the form of creating art unique to you, singing your favorite songs aloud, wearing clothes that shows your personality and even hobbies, etc. Identify what freedom looks like for you and then begin to create it in your own life!

Embrace what makes you, YOU! That is how you find your freedom, in your self-identity.

Thanks for reading! Sending you all the light, love and peace that you desire and deserve!


Written By:

Lina Mystic

Date: October 10, 2021

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