Why You Keep Seeing Black Cats | Black Cat Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Feb 7

Black cats are stunningly eye catching.

They bring signs to you that you cannot miss due to their absolute boldness! If you've been seeing black cats or they have been drawn to you, get ready for a major transformation in your life!

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Black Cat Curious Facts

Black cats produce plenty of melanin, which is the pigment that causes their coat to appear darker toned. This melanin also contributes to the common black cats amber colored eyes.

Fascinatingly, there is only one exclusive all black cat species, the Bombay species. However in total there are 22 species that include but are not limited to only black cats. With a bit of extra sun some of these black cats will reveal a highlight in their fur, normally consisting of a burgundy or brown tent.

Researchers have discovered that the same genetic combination in their black fur may provide protection for humans from diseases such as HIV. These same genes are already known to offer HIV resistance to humans.

As some black cats age their fur may begin to grey similar to human hair while aging. These hairs can appear white on their black fur.

Although they take up the vast majority color of cats in shelters they are actually one of the top colored cats to be adopted.

According to statistics, Belmont County Animal Rescue League states that, black cats "have a higher likelihood of being euthanized than animals of other colors." So if you happen to desire bringing a black cat home from a shelter, GO FOR IT! Give 'em a life worth living. They deserve a chance of a great life just like any other precious living being!

Famous Black Cats In History

Unsinkable Sam

Unsinkable Sam, a famous mascot cat of the British Royal Navy was aboard the German Battleship Bismarck when it sunk in 1941. Only 117 including sam, out of 2,200 of the crew survived. Sam was taken in by HMS Cossack, which sunk just a few months later. 159 people of their crew died. Once again Unsinkable Sam remained alive. But that isn't as strange as this next time when he survived another sunken ship, HMS Ark Royal. It sunk that same year but in November. Sam was rescued once again. They deemed it necessary that Sam should retire as a sailor. He was then given a job as a mouser at the Governor General of Gibraltar's office. Afterwards he lived his last years at the Home for Sailors.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Makes you wonder if cats really have nine lives?

Blackie, was a cat that inherited a huge amount of riches. Following Millionaire British antique dealer Ben Reas passing in 1988, Blackie inherited a bulk of Bens wealth. Rea split his wealth between his beloved companion, Blackie, and three cat charities. He even left instructions for Blackie to be well taken care of. I'm quite sure with a pocketed 12.5 million dollars Blackie was provided with extensive care. $12.5 million. Now that's a rich cat. Hopefully he didn't blow it all on catnip.

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning