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Why You Keep Seeing Black Cats | Black Cat Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Black cats are stunningly eye catching.

They bring signs to you that you cannot miss due to their absolute boldness! If you've been seeing black cats or they have been drawn to you, get ready for a major transformation in your life!

Black Cat Curious Facts

Black cats produce plenty of melanin, which is the pigment that causes their coat to appear darker toned. This melanin also contributes to the common black cats amber colored eyes.

Fascinatingly, there is only one exclusive all black cat species, the Bombay species. However in total there are 22 species that include but are not limited to only black cats. With a bit of extra sun some of these black cats will reveal a highlight in their fur, normally consisting of a burgundy or brown tent.

Researchers have discovered that the same genetic combination in their black fur may provide protection for humans from diseases such as HIV. These same genes are already known to offer HIV resistance to humans.

As some black cats age their fur may begin to grey similar to human hair while aging. These hairs can appear white on their black fur.

Although they take up the vast majority color of cats in shelters they are actually one of the top colored cats to be adopted.

According to statistics, Belmont County Animal Rescue League states that, black cats "have a higher likelihood of being euthanized than animals of other colors." So if you happen to desire bringing a black cat home from a shelter, GO FOR IT! Give 'em a life worth living. They deserve a chance of a great life just like any other precious living being!

Famous Black Cats In History

Unsinkable Sam

Unsinkable Sam, a famous mascot cat of the British Royal Navy was aboard the German Battleship Bismarck when it sunk in 1941. Only 117 including sam, out of 2,200 of the crew survived. Sam was taken in by HMS Cossack, which sunk just a few months later. 159 people of their crew died. Once again Unsinkable Sam remained alive. But that isn't as strange as this next time when he survived another sunken ship, HMS Ark Royal. It sunk that same year but in November. Sam was rescued once again. They deemed it necessary that Sam should retire as a sailor. He was then given a job as a mouser at the Governor General of Gibraltar's office. Afterwards he lived his last years at the Home for Sailors.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Makes you wonder if cats really have nine lives?

Blackie, was a cat that inherited a huge amount of riches. Following Millionaire British antique dealer Ben Reas passing in 1988, Blackie inherited a bulk of Bens wealth. Rea split his wealth between his beloved companion, Blackie, and three cat charities. He even left instructions for Blackie to be well taken care of. I'm quite sure with a pocketed 12.5 million dollars Blackie was provided with extensive care. $12.5 million. Now that's a rich cat. Hopefully he didn't blow it all on catnip.

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning

Black cats love to show up the time we need their messages the most. They come on our path with a purpose and huge significance. So if a black cat appears on your path, you should know that it's a loving symbol for where your path is headed.

You Are Meant To Stand Out!

At some point whether now or in the past, being different and standing out may have made you feel uncomfortable. However, it is part of your purpose to stand out. You were created uniquely because your purpose is different from the masses.

Remember to not minimize your uniqueness just so that you can fit in with the mundane. You were meant to embrace the peculiarities of yourself and this unlimited universe.

You are being asked to escape norms by resonating with the pureness and truth of your spirit. You are a natural born light worker and light-workers live in a genuine manner! In other words, nothing about you is meant to stand by a lie, or what is unnatural. Each one of us is different from the one another.

But you are one of us that is meant to help others accentuate and define the light and truth within themselves!

Utilize Your Resources

Often times a black cat is seen wondering alone. They are known to consistently rely on themselves rather than others. They use what is readily available to them whether it be food or shelter.

Remember to rely on yourself first. Before demanding the support of another, try it out to witness your potential. And if you ever search for assistance, know that you are capable of what you desire even if someone else falls through. This way you can highly value yourself, your work and your dreams.

You are capable of so much more than you know. Be reminded that the divine has created you in a like image, therefore you are divine. And if you ever need assistance ask the Divine, knowing that sometimes the assistance does come in the form of a person, place or thing.

Be receptive of the advice and assistance you are offered but also remind yourself that you are capable of all things because you were created by THE CREATOR.

Practice Mindfulness

At the time of seeing a black cat strolling along on its journey, you are brought back to the present moment. It is unlike other moments where you are constantly thinking of how to complete twenty different tasks all at once. But instead it focuses you and your attention.

The black cat is a powerful reminder to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not about meditating all day but more so about being present with the precious moments you have been gifted and presented with by The Creator.

Be intentional with your everyday activities to ensure that you are making the best of your time. Focus on the present so that you do not miss any of your the lovely blessed and highly favored moments. Be present with the beauty of this universe so that your blessings never past you by.

New Possibilities

The black cat shows up in your life during a time of major transformation. When you see one you should know that a new door with many possibilities and opportunities has opened up for you.

You now have many more options presented for you to choose from than ever before. You are being asked to explore these possibilities with an open mind knowing that you have the power to choose which ones fit your spirit the best.

Know that you have time to decide but be sure not to procrastinate in your decision. Instead, further your knowledge on the pros and cons of your opportunities. This will allows you to dive into them without necessarily making an immediate response or decision.

Becoming The Hermit

If you're familiar with the Hermit card than you know that it represents going within. It is a great time to take a break from society. You are being divinely guided to dive within yourself to identify a number of things.

  • What do you want in your life to come to light?

  • What opportunities do you most desire?

  • What does happiness and fulfillment look like to you?

  • How can you bring more joy and inspiration into your everyday life?

  • Who brings out the best version of you?

These are just a few questions that you can ask yourself to become more familiar with who you are now to finally become who you desire to be.

The Hermit stage is all about stepping away from everyone else's voices to find your own. So what is your voice saying?

Mythology and Folklore

British Culture:

Many British sailors believed that a black cat in particular brought good luck to them. They believed that black cats would ensure a safe return back to home. Some black cats such as Tiddles, traveled over 30,000 miles while serving time with the Royal Navy.

Some believed that if you had a sty on your eye for quick healing, you could use a black cats tail and rub it on your eye.

Which reminds us that their black fur is said to be a natural repellent to certain health issues.

It was believed that if a black cat walked towards an individual it was bad luck while if the cat walked away from them then it was good luck. If you think about it, the cat will walk away at some point so wouldn't that bring good luck anyway?

To me I believe that this is symbolism that bad times come and go and that in the end good times will always prevail.

Egyptian Culture:

In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered as sacred. Cats were so much respected that in the courts of Egyptian pharaohs, cats were dressed in expensive beautiful jewels.

Cats were in fact worshipped and believed to be physical forms of The Egyptian Goddess Bastet. Bastet was depicted as a woman with the head of a black cat. She was the goddess of cats, protection, pregnancy, pleasure, fertility, music, warfare, and was believed to bring good health!

She is believed to provide protection from diseases in specifically women and children. As well as believed to ward and scare off any evil spirits.

She had a number of nicknames such as the Lady of the East, Goddess of the Rising Sun and the Sacred and All Seeing Eye.

In honor of Bastet, near the temple of Bubastis, Egyptians practiced mummifying their dead cats in honor of Bastet. Archaeologist have found more than 300,000 mummified cats.

You can find some people who still worship her til this day while her origins of worship can be found mostly in lower Egypt.

German Culture:

It is said that if a black cat crosses your path going from right to left, good things are coming to you, granting you favorable times.

Japanese Culture:

Black cats are looked at as symbols of good luck if they cross your path! They believed that Black cats could heal children from disease and be a guard against evil.

Awesomely, in Japanese culture if you're a single woman owning a black cat, that black cat can increase your number of suitors. They are believed to bring not only any suitor but specifically attractive ones. It was believed that black cats could cure your worries about love.

You may have noticed the cat figurines called, Maneki Neko Cats which is known as a particularly lucky cat. They are thought of to bring good luck, good fortune and prosperity to those who obtain one.

Black cats were considered to provide protection against bad luck and danger. It was stated that having one as a pet could aid in recovery of tuberculosis. Which is pretty fascinating considering that their fur is actually being studied as a disease repellent.

I hope you enjoyed this reminder of black cats being positive blessings on your path!

Wishing you all the beauty, love and light that you desire in your life and may you come across another healing light working black cat!


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Written By: Lina Mystic

30, July 2021

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Holla Praise
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Black cat are symbol of good luck, and I have learnt about disease healing, that's fascinating cool.

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