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Snake Spiritual Meaning | Snake Spirit Animal | Why You Keep Seeing Snakes

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

At first sight of a snake you might entertain the rush of natural fear. But once you realize the spiritual meaning it will bring you plenty of wisdom, solace and joy within.

Just a few moments ago I saw a snake slithering through my backyard. It was in the same exact spot that I was during a close eyed meditation only 5 minutes after I had just moved. I stopped in my tracks for 30 seconds which felt just as long as 5 minutes. I starred at it alongside my 15 pound cat who felt he could "handle" it although that snake was 3 times longer than him. I was in shock. All I could do was watch it as it slithered to someone else's front door. With a wide opened mouth, I noticed my neighbor looking at me confused wondering why such shock was tattooed on my face. I pointed to the snake as it jumped up a bush and he casually shrugged assuring me that this was an everyday occurrence. It was quite peculiar and unusual for me but I guess it was apart of my new norm now. Welcome to Florida, huh?

I've never been a fan of snakes although I did get the chance to hold one in my 5th grade class and when the Zoo Man came to my neighborhood. Oddly enough, it's completely different when you hold someone else's pet snake rather than seeing a wild one in your backyard. You would think I would be carried by fear holding one but it was much more calming than seeing this long bold Black Racer Snake casually traveling through the same place I had just been with my eyes closed shut. There's just something about that in which caused me to feel completely uneasy.

During my fear, I texted my husband a photo of the snake telling him it's time to move although we just secured this new home of ours only 2 months ago. The dramatics had begun. But he reeled me back in reminding me that animals come by and stop our day to day moments for spiritual purposes. I mean, I should know that considering I write spirit animal blogs for a living.

He urged me to go ahead and look into it, so here I am diving into the spiritual meaning of snakes with an immense amount of curiosity.

Curious Facts

It is said that snakes can be found everywhere but in Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, and New Zealand. One of the most curious facts about them in my opinion is that not all snakes hatch from eggs. Some are delivered live from their mothers similar to the birth of humans. This fascinating fact brings the realization that we are always learning new things. 70% of snakes lay eggs and then the other 30% give a live birth.

Rattlesnakes and Boas are apart of the 30% of snakes that give a live birth. During the birth process these snakes come out in a very thin membrane then use their egg tooth to free themselves from it.

For the 70% there are four stages, egg, baby snake, juvenile and adult. Most Baby snakes also known as hatchlings, snakelets (from egg) or neonates (newborns by live birth) become independent immediately after entering this world in which is brand new to them. They must find their own food and provide their own protection. Some snakes such as the African Rock Python will provide protection to their babies until they become independent.

Snakes after they are born will stick out their tongue to taste their environment. Weird right? They have something called Jacobson's organs. It aids them when tasting and smelling the particles in the air. They can literally taste the environment and air around them. This fact alone had my jaw dropping down to the floor.

There are about 2900 species of snakes and out of that number there are around 600 that are venomous. Out of the 600 species only 7% of them can kill or severely injure a human. If a snake is born from a venomous species it will be just as venomous as an adult of that same species. This is fascinating because I would assume that the venom is inherited, developed and strengthened over time.

Many people wonder how a snake with no arms, hands or legs could be such a predator. What resource does the snake used to devour its prey ? The answer is that they strangle their prey with their bodies and then swallow them whole. This is the most resourceful thing I've ever heard of. A snake needs nothing but itself and an opportunity to make ends meet.

Juvenile snakes shed or molt their skin about four times a year. This allows them to become bigger as they approach "adulthood." The shed snake skin oftentimes stores parasites which is one reason it is extremely beneficial to shed it. The Moulting (shedding) process is done by the snake rubbing up against a hard surface allow it to be stripped of it's old layer.

Adult snakes shed at least half the amount a year than they did as juveniles. Adulthood for snakes is not much different than their life as juveniles. They begin a slower growth process than they had when they were a snakelet.

Did you know that snakes don't have eyelids so when they sleep their eyes remain open? Even more of a reason to be a tad bit terrified although many of them rarely ever bother or come in contact with humans.

If that wasn't fascinating enough they also detect prey and predators with openings in the front of their eyes called pit holes. These pit holes sense heat given off by warm blooded animals. While their bones in the lower part of their jaws pick up vibrations from prey as well. They can open their mouths up to 150 degrees, which makes eating prey 75%-100% bigger than their size obtainable.

Hold on to something because you don't want to fall out from learning this fact. There are about 5 species of snakes that actually fly. This fact genuinely terrified me because I can't imagine ho humming and then witnessing a launching snake. I am not a fan at all.

Snakes are for sure the most interesting animal I have looked into so far especially due to how rare it is for other animals to have the same talents and diversities as them. I think that speaks a lot to what they symbolize spiritually.

Spiritual Meaning of Snakes

The snake is a strong spirit animal to witness. One that you want to look into because there are so many reasons on why it has revealed itself to you.

Someone Who Knows Everything Knows Nothing At All | Nothing Is Yet Set In Stone

In life we are always learning. There is no possible way for us to know everything. That is why it is extremely valuable to be open and willing to listen.

Sometimes we are stubborn with people whom we don't want to take advice from due to the roles they played in our past causing grief and disagreement. But if we remember to stay open and receive what is meant for us, we might not miss the opportunity to be enlightened.

Each person we come across is in our lives for a specific reason. If we are open, we may receive a lesson from every encounter we have with others.

Remember that you do not know it all. You are very wise and listening to the world around you will allow you to grow into your wisdom.

The moment you believe you know it all, is the very moment you've accepted that you know nothing at all. Because knowing that there is always more to learn is true wisdom.

In a way this reminds you that things are not always set in stone. For example, after an interview you may constantly beat yourself up thinking you flunked it however the interviewee was very impressed on her end. She was so impressed she begun telling all her other coworkers about how excited she is to have you on board. But you continued stressing throughout the week claiming you flunked it. Allowing yourself to wallow and spread bad vibes to everyone else around you because you became so consumed in disappointment (that you formed in your mind) with how the interview went.

Stop assuming the worst and begin realizing that your perception is not the same as everyone else's and that it is absolutely okay. In fact, oftentimes having a different perception plays in your favor. So congratulate yourself for doing your best instead of picking out each of your flaws one by one.

You Don't Have To Prove Yourself To Everyone

As a unique individual, not everyone is going to understand you. This is not something to beat yourself up over. You were meant to be Among The Peculiar just as the snake is. Peculiars create the world around them. They think out the box so that they can be one with Divine creation. This is something to be proud of. You do not have to prove to others that you belong. If you have to continuously prove yourself to the same environment or person that you've never wronged, they are not on the same frequency as you and you probably don't belong there in the first place.

You will discover your tribe of Peculiars. They will love, admire and respect you for being exactly whom you already are. You will resonate with them and they will resonate with you as well.

Just as the snake, people already have a perception of you but it is not your job to shift it. Just continue to grow and maybe they will see your growth and become inspired by it. But don't waste your time trying to prove you fit into places you've never belonged.

Embrace your peculiarity !

People don't know everything about snakes. They don't know that snakes can taste the environment, that some of them go through a live birth or that they don't have eyelids. These little details could change a persons perception of them. Maybe someone believed snakes were scary before but after hearing these facts instead of seeing snakes as a threat they grew to believe they were cool. These little details could make people decide to stop pestering and spreading fear about snakes to others.

You may have pondered on the way people would view you if only they gave you a chance. Maybe If people knew the reason you are so quiet around others is because you believe listening is a very important quality and a valuable form of respect not because you're negatively judging them. This could change their behaviors towards you. But can you imagine clearing up each idea and perception people created in their own heads about you? Wouldn't it be exhausting? Just trying to guess why they treat you the way they do is draining. So why do all of this insane amount of work to impress someone who never cared to ask anyway?

Accept that not everyone will like you, understand you or unfortunately love you, but that is a reflection of them and not you. You are an absolutely amazing individual and there are people out there who do and will understand, like and even love you !

Explore Your Independence

The snake experiences independence immediately after birth. It may be scary coming into this world without someone showing you the ropes every step of the way but despite any fear they may have they still thrive.

A lot of us become dependent on friends, family or someone / something in our lives thinking that it's how we will find peace, security and grounding. However it is nothing like finding those things within. Peace, security and being grounded is a mindset. Once you find these things within, you will become ultimately unstoppable.

When you constantly depend on other people and things rather than yourself, you open yourself up to a lot more instability. Relying on other people should be done occasionally. However it is always important to know you can follow through if they cannot. If you rely on people not realizing how important it is to be able to do things on your own as well, you will find yourself in many unexpected and uncomfortable positions. Allow yourself to see your true potential by trying out things before assuming you are incapable. You may find a new hobby, talent or strength that has been waiting to show out for some time.

Be Open To Receiving

While it is important to be independent it is also important to realize that you cannot do everything all at the same time. Occasional help is crucial to being human. You do not want to get to the point of a burnout.

We work so hard and have so many responsibilities it is completely necessary to allow someone to help out here and there. ESPECIALLY when they offer assistance. You have to pace yourself. It's important to realize when assistance will be beneficial in all aspects.

This isn't just about letting a parent, partner, cousin or sibling help you but this involves the Universe as well. Some times we come up with this misconception that everything has to be difficult and if it isn't difficult obtaining it then we don't deserve it. But let me make this clear, that is B.S. We deserve all the blessings that we are offered, no matter how big or small. We are Divine creations, we are meant to be blessed.

Allow yourself to receive blessings, because you deserve it!

Stand Up For Yourself

Of course you must know how to pick your battles. But when you are in a place where you are not being respected, you have every right to stand up for yourself. You earned your place here on earth just as everyone else. Do not let people walk all over you.

The Snake demands respect and hisses at those that threaten it. You are just as bold and powerful as the Snake Spirit Animal and deserve respect as well. You will not be bullied or threatened.

No matter if you are in a work place, study space or at home, you must not allow yourself be bullied any longer.

Speak up for yourself letting predators know that just because you seem like prey you will not be preyed upon.

The first thing in standing up for yourself is valuing and giving yourself respect. Speak positive affirmations into yourself knowing that you deserve the best quality of honor and respect. This will attract more to you !

Be Resourceful | What Can You Create With What You Already Have

Reflecting on how we desire to advance in life, we believe we need more to get to where we want to be. This is a common illusion because oftentimes The Divine has provided all that we need to get everything we desire. It may not be a two step process but it is an obtainable path. And we must know that the journey is worth it.

Ask yourself what bricks can you lay down now to get to your goal? Once you place those bricks you can continue to build that wall that you so desire because each one allows you to be at least one step closer to your goal.

For now, what can you do to create the life you heavily desire?

Could it be that you need to network? Maybe read a few books? Do a little research? Spend time with like minded people? Work a temp job so you can raise money?

You have plenty of options but once you stop believing you don't have what you need, you will begin to see you have it ALL already.

So make do, with what you've already got. It may be a challenge but it's one that pays off.

You Can Change At Anytime If You Desire To Be Any Different

Similar to the snake and its shedding / molting process, you have every option to shed pieces of the "old you." If you desire to radiate differently, nothing is holding you back. At any point you can change and shift your life. The snake doesn't wait for someone to tell him he can shed his infested parasitic skin. He just feels its time and makes changes accordingly. He doesn't wait for someone to tell him he's ready to change, he just does it.

It's normal to feel like you have to keep the facade up. To continue to be this person you developed. But at any point you can choose to be the person you most desire. Take it one step at a time if it's too exhausting to do a complete 180. Allow yourself to adjust to the new changes you've made. And don't be too hard on yourself if you fall back into some old habits because progress is not linear. Just remember to keep growing !

You Are Extremely Intuitive | Tap Into Your True Potential

The snake has strong Intuition which is a very metaphoric representation of you. You have complete capabilities to to tap into any environment and smell it out. You can feel if it radiates acceptance or judgement. You know when someone isn't feeling like themselves and even when someone feels their best. This is an extreme talent.

But just as amazing as it is to tap into how others feel and what is good for them, it's more important to use your intuition for yourself as well. That is where you find your true potential.

When you can listen to your intuition for yourself and allow yourself to be guided by it, you find true strength.

A great exercise is to meditate at least 3 minutes before doing anything else for the day and focusing on how you want the day to go. Feel the energy of the day to navigate through it. For example you may feel an overload of messy energy but then you navigate it to figure out why that energy is present. You could find the energy is messy because you haven't folded that clothes that's been sitting on the couch for 3 weeks. That leads you to realizing that messes can subconsciously distract you from your daily to do list, leaving you feeling disorganized through out the rest of the day. Simply listening to your intuition to clean up your living space could make your day go even smoother than it would have without cleanliness present. It may seem small but these little things do affect our day. Our intuition can put a finger on the things that we can do to create more peace and ease in our lives.

You have an embedded eternal and vast knowledge. And you naturally love to learn, evolve and observe. You watch even when no one else is, just as the snake. You have the power of sight and you can use that power to better yourself, your life and eventually other peoples lives as well. This gift can be a medicine or poison deciding on how you choose to use it. So choose to use it to be great because the pay off is much greater.

There Is No One Else Like You !

The talents you possess put you in your own lane. You don't have to prove that you're better than anyone or that you belong because you are truly in your own element and own lane. You were designed to be Among The Peculiar. And as a young being that may have been extremely challenging but when you put the challenges behind you, you may see the blessing that being different is. You are meant to lead while amongst those that are unique, peculiar and special. You are meant to show the world that change is good because change brings growth and progress. Your life is very different from the other people that you've come in contact with. While it may you unrelatable in cases, it makes you extremely relatable in others. You have experienced so many unique opportunities and moments in your life that it seems you've lived many times. Use this to your advantage. You can adapt to any thing no matter the circumstances.

If the Snake Spirit Animal comes to you again, you should be reminded of how great you truly are. It is a blessing to have you share your light with the rest of the world.


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Interesting read. A few years back, when I was dating someone, I started noticing snakes everywhere..I would even dream about snakes once or twice each week. After about 3-4 years together, I realized the snakes represented how toxic the person I was with really was. I am still scared of snakes, but now I understand what snakes meant at that time in my powerful their symbolism really is!

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