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3 Spiritual Reasons For Seeing Beetles | Beetle Spiritual Symbolism | Beetle Spirit Animal

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Over the last few weeks the beetle continues to reveal itself to me. Flying onto my skin, clothes, door and in many other ways. However, it has been appearing to you, if it calls out to you then it brings a powerful message.

Burdens of The World

The beetle often appears in times of heavy stress whether your mind has revealed it to your body and spirit or not. It comes as a reminder that you may be tough skinned right now and not opening yourself up to the love, passion, enjoyment and assitance that you need at this time.

For those of us that have had difficult or challenging lives it can become a habit to not let others in or even keep them at a distance because deep down trust can only be given but so many times or at least that is what us hurt people believe.

Betrayal leads those that are hurt to never fully put themselves into the things and people that they love because of the fear of loss or pain.

But if nothing is ever risked would the reward ever be as high as we truly desire?

No matter if it is your love life, your brand, or your other passions that you are not giving your all to, the beettle tells you to go all in because the bigger the risks the stronger the potential of a massive reward.

Of course the beettle is not telling you to gamble your life away but it is a sign to plan for long term steps and absolutely take those steps. To jump outside of your comfort zone and explore the variety of avenues awaiting your next steps. To embrace the love that you are given by these present peices of passion gifted to you by the Divine in itself.

Do not hide behind your thick skin. Embrace an open heart and a wide range of creativity while you embark on an authentic journey to fully becoming you!

Two Sets of Wings

Did you know that adult beetles have two sets of wings? Well you have an infinite set of ways to fly! Even when you feel like there is no more left for you, God will always have a back up that you never expected. In fact when things seem to go south, that just means that God has already set up a plan for you but you must remain that connection to be guided for your next steps.

In moments of high stress we feel alone but that is when God speaks to us the most! We must be open to the variety of ways to fly at desperate times in need. The Divine is fully aware of when we need support and that is why our guides were hand picked for us.

Remember that when you feel lost you must reconnect your mind, body and spirit. Once you renew that connection you will be naturally guided.

So spread your wings and fly where the wind leads you, trusting that the wind is the Divines breath.

Blind Faith

Beetles may not see very well but their intuition, instincts and other natural gifts guide them. Embrace your naturally born talents as you embark on this unknown journey.

You may not know where you are being led but reach out to God for reassurance and for a good reminder that you are on the right path.

Remember to remain open so that Gods voice is louder than ever before. When you are closed, your instincts may become weak making it harder for you to connect to ethereals beings.

Open yourself up to the infinite possibilities and signs that the world is offering you so that you can create the magical life that you were meant to live.

Thank you for reading and I pray you find all that you desire and deserve.

Written 21 April 2022 by

Lina Mystic Oracle

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