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Updated: Jan 8

Fox Curious Facts

Foxes are members of the Canidae family which includes dogs, coyotes, jackals, and wolves. So far researchers have found that foxes are the only species of the Canidae that can climb trees. They use trees as hiding spots, place of rest or even to search for prey. Studies reveal that they are mostly solitary throughout their lives. They usually travel alone and are thought to be relatively shy and timid animals.


As cute as foxes may be, having them domesticated is probably not the best idea. Unlike your common domesticated house dog, foxes are quite difficult to train because of their limited capacity of understanding commands. They can also produce about 40 unique sounds that can become rather profuse confined to a home. But If their sounds don't overwhelm you then their musty scent for sure will!

Fascinatingly, they have whiskers on their face and their legs. Whiskers can help them to sense the area especially in the dark considering they are nocturnal (most active at night). They can warn the fox of its surroundings especially while they cannot see with their eyes through the darkness although their vertical pupils are designed to aid them while in the dark. Similar to hair, whiskers will not feel anything however, any touch on the whisker will send a vibration to the fox giving it an alert that something is within reach. Their whiskers have roots with blood vessels and nerves allowing them to act as another sensory tool similar to antennas. And gladly these same whiskers can even protect the eyes and nose from being poked by things such as tall grass. Who knew whiskers were this amazing?

Foxes are omnivores meaning they eat both plants and animals. Depending on the type of fox, they have been found to run up to 45 mph which aids them while they're hunting or even being hunted. They consume on average 1-2 pounds of food per day. Being both patient and quiet allows them to sneak up on their prey. Their diet includes plenty of berries, fruits, grass, small animals such as mice, squirrels, rabbits and invertebrates. The invertebrates they eat consist of crickets, crayfish, grasshoppers, and caterpillars.

Usually they will only mate during one part of the year and thats normally January - March. During this season a male will find a female and remain with her for weeks while they hunt together, eat together and search for a home for their young. Each female fox, or vixen, is in heat only one time a year for about 3 days. Some species of foxes may be considered promiscuous considering they may mate with several females within a single season. While other species such as the Arctic Fox can be found to be monogamous, majority of fox species are not. Coming to the end of winter the female will find and prepare an underground den and get ready to give birth. The vixen will give birth to a range of 1 - 11 fox pups, 6 being the average, making them a family called a skulk or leash of foxes. The male fox, known as a todd, leynard or dog, will often help raise the pups until the summer when they (the pups) leave home.


Fox Spiritual Meaning

Foxes reveal a spiritually powerful message when they appear to you. When they call out to you and leave an imprint on your spirit, listen. It is a message you do not want to miss, as they are guiding you through a journey you have never experienced before.

A Hand For The Journey

Throughout most of their lives, foxes are fairly solitary. They hunt alone, live alone and use the resources that they discover on their own. If they suffer it will usually be alone as well. The Fox spirit reminds you to receive help before you drown. Don't be afraid to tell someone how you're feeling. Don't be afraid to ask for a hand if you need it. Seek help and seek assistance when necessary. Do not wait until moments become unbearable because in those moments it will become even more challenging to ask for the help you need.

Foxes will join forces in preparation for life changing events such as childbirth. If you are experiencing something life changing, creating something new, journeying a new path you will need help to navigate.

Be sure to remove the pressure of doing it all alone. You are worth the assistance you seek. You are not a burden! You are a blessing!

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