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Karma Is The Energy You Put Out

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Ever wonder why someone who did something terrible to you is living a great life? As I sit here in silence I began to wonder what Karma is. Is Karma breaking up with someone and then someone breaking up with you? Is Karma hunting down someone who hurt you by telling you things you didn't want to hear but needed to and in return someone does the same to them?

Karma is tricky but one thing that is consistent is that Karma gives you the same energy you dish out.

Think about it. If you do something with BAD INTENTIONS, you're going to learn your lesson. Cause baby, Karma don't forget. But think also about a time you did something that you thought was good, but the person you did it to thought it was bad. How does karma work then?

For example, let's say you broke up with your spouse because it was a toxic relationship and you wanted to give them better things as well as give yourself better things too. To you, it's a good intention. To them, they may see it as a bad motive and bad intention. But Karma doesn't really mind what they think because at the end of the day you thought it was for the best. You completed the action with good intentions.

Let's think of Karma as Law Of Attractions (LOA) twin sister. They both give you back what you put out.

I'm definitely not smoking right now but to be honest a jay may have made me get into even further details.

If you want Karma to work in your favor make sure you're doing things with pure intentions. Don't break up with someone because you want to hurt them, unless you want Karma to mirror your actions right back to you. Break up with someone because you feel you both deserve better. Don't say things to hurt people. Say things with substance and with the intention to help them grow.

Too often people are scared of Karma. I mean, you should be if you're a bad person. But if you live your life with good intentions, Karma blesses you abundantly.

When you're a good person, think of Karma as your bestfriend.

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