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Effects Of Mars Retrograde For Your ZODIAC | Tarotscopes

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Mars Retrograde will be different for all of us. We will have our own personal experiences with different impacts. These tarotscopes can help you understand this retrogrades affects on you on a more personal level. You can read your sun, moon and rising sign to gain a full understanding of what September 9, 2020 - November 13, 2020 (plus the shadow period of this retrograde which ends late December) will bring.


With the energy of Mars Retrograde September 9, 2020 - November 13, 2020, you may be feeling drained and lazy. But you are being asked to stay persistent. Push through the couch potato phase. No more procrastinating. You get more stressed out THINKING about what you have to do rather than actually doing it. Make decisions now after careful research and analytical analysis.

Believe in your infinite talents and abilities. You are known to be a jack of all trades. This is due to you being willing to always learn new things. You are also very driven and as unfortunate as it may be now that Mars Retrograde is making you more driven towards sleep rather than your dreams, you can still push through. Know that you are more than capable of doing whatever it is that you desire. Your lack of confidence can hold you back at times. Overcome ego by reminding yourself of how much you have already conquered. You are powerful. The world sees it, now you must see it to take your next steps.

If you’ve been thinking of going back to school or learning something, this is

great. Start planning it all out and be sure to execute. There will be amazing career opportunities coming to you but your mind set must be optimistic to see the opportunity for what it is. Open your eye to see the bigger picture! Follow your passion and success will come! Don’t overthink the “how” remain good faith knowing that your blessings are here.

The number 9 is prominent for you, as you

are ending a phase and awakening to

another. Congratulations on your ascension.


Aries, at this time you are feeling more fire than usual. A lot more things may annoy you than before this Mars Retrograde. It’s important to take a deep breath in thought before reacting to inconveniences. You’re not one to laugh at stupidity, but this is the perfect time for you to learn how to. A lot of people will have stuff to say to you right now. Handle it after careful self-analysis. Sometimes people say things we don’t want to hear but need to hear. Be open to constructive criticism. It may lead to your growth. Know that a lot of the things people say also reflect them as individuals. Therefore, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY. In fact, reading The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz will be very beneficial for you at this time.

Release your worries, they have a way of putting restraints on you. It’s the perfect time for you to break free. You may be tired of having to constantly be at battle, but it’s more so a conscious thought. Tell yourself you are free each and everyday because you truly are. It’s important that you look for the happiness and love you desire from within yourself rather than outer forces. You love very passionately, so bring that same love and energy within to spirit so that spirit may flourish.

You have worked very hard over the course of months, years, and some of you even decades. Be proud of yourself. Those of you who are working towards being self-employed give yourself more credit. You’re doing great! In work life, you are definitely extraordinary. You light up the room with that fire that’s in you! Keep up the good work and reward yourself for all of your amazing efforts.

Right now, time alone is crucial. Be sure to enjoy multiple breaks during your days so that you can restore your inner balance. This will lead to the great success, love and happiness you’ve been longing for. This is that embrace you needed to knock down creative blockages, love blockages, happiness blockages and even financial blockages. Don’t always do what others expect of you, but do what spirit asks of you.

You may be making a new friend during this Retrograde. Someone you can be honest with and trust. This is great news, especially for a person who feels they have no one.


While mostly everyone else at this time is experiencing creative blockages, you are on a roll. You’re used to waking up later than others and then sparking your creativity. This Retrograde is almost bringing a balance to you more than an imbalance. You can sometimes be overly ambitious. You were born with big dreams! So this retrograde is asking you to take your time in creating your next masterpiece because it’ll be worth it.

You’ve been working very hard and you know that your angels have noticed! Angel Numbers may be prominent in your daily routine. Look up these signs and synchronicities that the Divine is sending you.

Because of all the hard work you have been doing you’re being asked to give yourself more credit and to reward yourself. You self - employed individuals will be successful and happy. Don’t stress, just enjoy. Keep to do lists so that you may feel more accomplished everyday. Organization helps!

A lot of people will want to come in contact with you and your great energy. But be cautious because you don’t want to suck up too much chaos. Friends will be reaching out to you, venting to you and even looking for a shoulder to cry on. Be there for them. But remember to ground yourself after coming in contact with draining moments.

You may feel a bit trapped at this time or even before this Retrograde, wondering what your next phase is going to look like because you're a bit tired of this “old” one. Be grateful for this phase because it is here for a reason. Let this phase be something that brings you joy. Years from now you will look back on these moments. Stop your worrying and free yourself of your fears. Just go with the flow of spirit and know that you are being divinely guided.

A big life changing event is occurring during this Retrograde. This event will bring great opportunities to you! Congratulations.


Mars Retrograde is bringing impulsiveness out of you. Make sure that before you react or make any important decisions you weigh the pros and the cons. Take careful reflection before taking action. Mindfulness can help you to consider your different options. Combat the impulsiveness by finding a mentor or even researching your next moves. As you are analyzing the best option, take a step away from society so that you can gain clarity. The world may seem like it’s moving too fast for you. Gain your footing and then join back into society. Right now is the best time for you to find your voice.

Any long term projects you’ve been working on will be a success. Know that you are doing great, especially when you let spirit co-create with you.

If your love life has been a struggle, don’t give up. Mars Retrograde makes us a bit more annoyed with those that we love. If problems are arising, listen to your love (lover, friends, children, parents etc. . . ). These problems can be fixed. Sometimes we hold on to issues and we let them boil over and times like Mars Retrograde brings it out as rage. Be understanding and honest yet kind.


Mars Retrograde has you in your head even more than usual. This can be perceived however you desire. But it’s suggested to make this a good thing. See the bright side of each situation and always remain hopeful. You’ve overcome so much Scorpio and a lot of it came from inner healing work rather than outer forces. You are a true warrior.

You may be reflecting on your life and lifestyle, wondering about the impact you’ll have on others. Know that you have already impacted many in a powerful way. It’s time to move past what people think of you and create your own affirmations of appreciation. Be proud of you for all that you are.

Embrace your uniqueness at this time and know that it will bring luck. Things may be moving a bit slow to you as far as the eye can see but don’t let it take your hope away. Things are still moving quickly, although it doesn’t look that way to you.

Wonderful news is on it’s way during Mars Retrograde for you Scorpio. You’ve made plenty of great decisions in the past that is now leading to success and even public recognition. Congratulations ! You deserve it.


Mars Retrograde may seem like hell to you but if you take a step back you can see the bigger picture. This Retrograde is helping you to embrace your personal power. To gain control of your life and mindset. You have never been as trapped as you constantly see yourself. You’re as free as a bald eagle, a butterfly, or bumble bee.

Sometimes you work too much or think too much of material items. Mars Retrograde is forcing you to be more grounded. To slow down. Enjoy a family game night, a drink of wine with your partner, a hug from your dog or cat. It’s time to slow down libra. You move as fast as a bullet train. The lack of rest and lack of compassion you’ve allowed yourself to receive is catching up to you.

Spending time with the people you love may begin to bring the best out of them. The people in your life sometimes just want to be in your presence which is completely comforting and warming for them. You have an infectious spirit, in a good way.

Set aside any of your concerns right now and just enjoy life. Enjoy mindfulness. Enjoy being present. Take a step away from your computer and breathe.


You have been doing lots of inner work lately and oddly this Retrograde is letting it show. You’re reaching levels of success and joy that you previously didn’t imagine for yourself. Your healing is being noticed and you’re rewarded for it. You’ve shown much growth, be proud of yourself. New opportunities are coming now that you are shedding yourself from the past.

People will be looking to you for advice, don’t let ego get in the way. Do the right thing for the right reasons. Explore different ways of handling these public speaking opportunities. See what approaches work best for you. You are building a spiritual community within your presence. Something that you may have been building for quite some time. The spotlight is on you so speak words of true authentic wisdom.


People may be testing the waters with you right now. Shut down the disrespect in an assertive way. If you know someone is wrong, speak up. Stop always holding your tongue. You are a great leader.

Mars Retrograde asks you to declutter your life of people, things and beliefs that no longer serve your greater good. If something is leading you astray, it is not for you. Focus on your career more so at this time.

You may need assistance during this Retrograde. Reach out to those that you trust to help you out. Everyone needs a helping hand every now and then. Don’t be afraid to receive the assistance you need. With the weariness and lack of energy from Mars Retrograde, you may experience more messes than you are used to. Virgo, you love clean spaces, but right now cleaning is not on your to do list and that’s okay. Just remember to clean a little bit everyday and put stuff back where it belongs, right after you use it. But don’t be hard on yourself for the lack of cleanliness.

Although career may be bothersome at this time, do not change your career yet. Give it some more thought. If you’d like to pick up some extra money somewhere else, think of possibly doing something on the side as well. Those of you who have hobbies and dreams, go for your dreams and begin setting plans in action to make income from these aspirations. It will work out great for you but you must be passionate and patient with yourself.


Somehow you are conquering this Mars Retrograde! You are a phoenix rising above! You will be receiving great news about your career. Promotions or even scholarships are coming your way Sags! You have been thinking out your plans properly and slowing down, which has allowed for you to gain clarity. This Mars Retrograde is giving you the push you needed to go after what you desire. It’s making you more assertive and up front. This new embrace is bringing great confidence in love, work, and home life.

This is a great time for you to reflect on what beliefs, people and traumas may be holding you back. You are being rewarded currently but it’s important you let go of baggage so that you can welcome in new opportunities and experiences. This is a great push for you. Something that you’ve needed for a while.

For some of you, a move from your current home is forecasted. This is great because it allows for new blessings. Those of you not moving, you will still experience blessings as all of you are moving forward in your life. This Retrograde is bringing a lot of the best out of you!


Mars Retrograde is bringing great news and resolutions to you. Mostly because Jupiter is also direct. If you’ve been feeling stagnant, use the energy of Jupiter as it is direct so that it can inspire you. You will be experiencing more luck than usual with your day to day. Some of you are celebrating a graduation, wedding, engagement, child or something that brings great joy. There will be lots of connection to others during this retrograde. Family will be very important to you at this time so cherish the joy you will be experiencing.

You will be a lot more honest about your emotions. Letting people know who you truly are. Mars is allowing you to be upfront and personal.

You will also be experiencing a lot more independence, as hold-backs are being released. You are spreading your wings and learning how to fly, on your own. Don’t make any BIG decisions at this time because Mars may be pushing

you towards being more impulsive than usual.


With Mars being in Retrograde you may feel extremely weary. But don’t let it stop you from reaching your goals. Take multiple breaks to combat the weariness. Detach from electronics more than usual because they can be quite draining for you.

You may be triggered or disappointed at a circumstance but make sure to accept your true feelings so that you can work past them. Once you accept your feelings, you can gain an understanding of yourself and how to work through these difficulties. Practice mindfulness often because you are naturally empathetic, feeling the emotions of those around you. Protect your energy by taking time away from people and society to ground yourself.

If someone is bothering or upsetting you, express yourself and be assertive. You bottle a lot of your pain within but Mars is allowing you to be honest and personal. This period may help you to learn how to communicate your emotions more accurately.

Release harsh judgement of yourself so that you can just accept yourself and others for who they are. Love yourself WITH your FLAWS. Your flaws are a beautiful growing part of you.

Mars is making you more passionate, therefore pushing you towards what makes you passionate. That dream job, that dream car, that conversation that sparks joy. . . You will be wanting to experience more authentic joy and passion. May sure you are constantly embracing these things that make you genuinely joyful.

Good news during this Retrograde about new opportunities, await. Be fearless and work on facing your fears so that you can be authentically happy and free.


Many people may test you during this Retrograde but the best thing to do is to carefully reflect before reacting. There may be a better choice. With Mars turning up the heat, you may not be able to see clearly because you are too close to the situation. Take a step back and reflect. Weigh your options. You are never trapped. Be patient and leave your worries behind.

Mars is bringing a lot of hidden things to the surface. Emotions, honesty, and even exes. Carefully reflect when dealing with all of these aspects.

Keep an eye on your money and make sure you are being paid correctly. A misunderstanding could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Breaks will be frequent for you. This may annoy you because you don’t understand why you are so drained. Blame it on the Retrograde but also make sure that you get done at least a few things on your to do list.

Start taking more control over your life by not letting people work you up. You can do anything you desire to. You even have the power to manifest your desires. Let go of old belief systems and people that don’t vibrate at your leveled frequency.

You are coming into new opportunities, especially with Jupiter being direct after the last few months of its retrograde. Great opportunities await, so don’t let yourself get caught up with people and things that don’t serve your greatest good. Go for your dreams and KNOW that they are being welcomed into your reality.

I hope you enjoyed these tarotscopes !

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