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Effects of Mars Retrograde 2020

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Mars Retrograde will be quite eventful this time around. It starts September 9, 2020 and ends November 13, 2020. But we all know with these retrogrades there is ALWAYS some type of shadow period. Most likely you will still feel the effects during the month of December. Mars rules passion, separation, war, drive, energy, etc. . .

While every sign will feel some type of effects from this retrograde Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra, are getting hit pretty hard by this one.

Beginning September 9, 2020 you may start to feel drained and exhausted. Especially because Mars rules over your energy. If you’re feeling extra lazy at work take multiple short breaks instead of one long break. A little bit of extra self care goes a long way. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that we are all experiencing this retrograde together. You are not alone!

In work life, you may experience troubles starting new projects. Yes, this is due to Mars being in retrograde and Mars being in the sign of Aries. Unfortunately this isn’t the time to start anything new. Because due to your drive being lowered you won’t be able to put in your optimal effort.

In love life, Mars may make you a bit lazy once again. You may not feel like being intimate or doing anything extra to bring out passion. Try to put in a little extra effort to let your loved ones know you love them. Sometimes this could be by a kiss, hug, or the words I love you at spontaneous and random times of the day. Study your partners love language to love them the way that works best for them. If you know they love something, do that one something instead of having to do 100 different things to get the same amount of happiness from them.

While Mars heightens your passion, your anger may be heightened as well. Little things that you let slide before may irritate you ten times more at this time. Think before you react now that you know Mars Retrograde is bringing out a whole new you. Be honest but try to react through kindness when you converse with others.

Don’t let this retrograde be your excuse to be an ass.

These planets only heighten pieces of us we don’t let out often. So if it brings the worst out of you, that means there is some more shadow work to do. Some healing to do. These planets don’t lie. They expose hidden parts of us. Reminding us to always grow and heal.

Just being aware can help you make the best decisions at this time. Awareness of this retrograde can make you feel more in control. Keep an eye on your behavior to overcome moments that bring difficulty. And remember that this is a time to bring in a different perspective and welcome in healing.

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