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Harvest Full Moon Energy Reading

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Hey lovely people! I went live October 2, 2020, to discuss the energy of the Harvest Full Moon. If you'd like to watch, click here . In this video I got quite a bit of cards suggesting the energy that this lovely Full Moon is bringing us. If you are reading this well after the Harvest Full Moon no worries, this message was meant to find you, so keep reading.

The first card I got is "Don't Let Your Past Hold You Back."

This card immediately gave me the energy that it's a time to release. During a full moon this card resonates so much for all of us. Each of us hold on to something in the past that doesn't serve our best interest in the present or future. The Full Moon opens up the opportunity for us to release that past and welcome back in our personal power.

The next card I got was "Communication Is Key."

As much as people may think this card has to do with other people, I felt that it had to do with connecting to our own spirit. This is the perfect time to ask, "Am I vibrating on my own frequency or trying to match another?" It's time to be honest with yourself. This Full Moon begs us to be our true BOLD authentic selves. It shows us that you can be loved and accepted through your differences. This energy reminds us that you're vibe attracts your tribe. STOP VIBRATING AT FREQUENCIES THAT WERE NEVER YOURS TO BEGIN WITH.

Speak your truth and always be authentically you!

If you aren't sure how to connect to your true spirit, meditation or mindfulness is a great way to start. Once you choose your form of mindfulness, begin it with intention to connect to your higher self. Attune to the Full Moon " I surrender to my higher self, I am my most authentic self, I accept my truths in all that I am and all that I am becoming." This will guide you to gaining back your personal power and no longer wondering how to be what other people want. OR no longer wondering if you'll be

accepted by others because you finally accept yourself regardless.

This Full Moon is for sure giving us the downloads to our true authentic selves and telling ego to step aside so that we can fullfill our purpose in life. It may be discomforting that you are being pushed to change your daily routine but this is for the best. This change 555 will guide you to being at peace and being happy with your life and most importantly yourself. Things are finally moving forward and answers are being received with clarity.

Overall these cards coming out together tell me that if you are holding on to something someone did in the past it is time to communicate that with yourself and even the person involved as well. Confront the situation and ask yourself "Why am I holding on to this?" You'll begin to realize why the baggage couldn't be dumped. You'll see the trauma behind the situation and how it led you to make certain other decisions in your life. Once you confront it and face it, you can begin working on the release process. Attune to the moon " I release what no longer serves me and my greatest good in life."

Balance Spirituality & Practicality

When this card popped out I just knew that this Harvest Full Moon was once again begging us to connect to spirit. We constantly go on our day to day thinking a lot but not allowing ourselves to feel. This moon ask us to come face to face with our emotions. Without connecting to our emotions we begin to lose ourselves. Let yourself feel any and all emotions that you encounter. Face those emotions because

they are a huge part of you. Without

acknowledging them, you cannot acknowledge

your true self.

Luck Is On Your Side

This card made my smile vast because there are so many things moving forward for all of us. This moon is bringing to fruition the fruits of our labor. We have been working hard and this moon is saying "I SEE YOU." Blessings come with this Harvest. Be sure to recall your blessings at this moment. Give praise and thanks for all of the things that you may have took for granted. I definitely see with this card, something we've been nurturing for a while finally paying off. It's similar to watering a plant and while the roots are growing we don't see them but that doesn't take away that the roots are in fact still growing. Now we are finally seeing the growth above ground and that brings such great joy and accomplishment to the surface.

Your Word Is Powerful

Speak wisely especially during the energy of this Full Moon. Even when you think negatively, combat those thoughts with at least double the amount positive affirmations. This Full Moon literally opened a portal for us to manifest. So if you want something don't focus on the lack, focus on what it feels like to be holding what you've been manifesting.

Let It Shine - Peacock Spirit & Bring A Gentle Touch - Deer Spirit

This goes hand in hand with what we have been talking about. It's time to step into the real you. God put too much energy into creating you for you to imprision your true self. Stop being so hard on yourself to be this exact image. Just let yourself have fun and be you. Let yourself be guided by your spirit and you will find peace, happiness and success.

Watch & Wait - Seahorse Spirit

It's time to start speaking your desires into exsistence and watch as they come to your reality. A great way to move along your manifestations is a vision board, journaling what you desire and envisioning what it feels like to have what you're manifesting. Don't rush your manifestation by obsessing with it. When you obsess over your manifestation you are more so focusing on the lack. Live as if it is already yours by being grateful for it.

Be Fearless & Bold - Badger Spirit

This is such a repeating message at this point because in the beginning we talked about how this moon is asking you to step into your true self. This is another confirmation to be you! Let yourself be bold. Let yourself be nerdy. Let yourself be quirky. That is what brings true love and true joy into your life.

Be Peace - Dove Spirit

This card reminded me that we have a lot more blessings in our lives than down falls. This is a reminder to always say thank you for what you have before you ask for more. Always count your blessings more than where you think you lack in life. We are more abundant than we think we are. The truth is, if you are not grateful by accepting what you already have you won't know gratitude if you had what you've been asking for. A lot of the things you currently have you wished for in the past, so give thanks to your present.

A Rebirth Is Assured - Bat Spirit

This brings so much comfort. This card tells us that there will be growth. That there will be an ascension to bring us closer to our higher selves. We are finally stepping onto our true path and welcoming in our true purpose. This Full Moon is bringing in self renewal, self growth and self love. This is a whole new type of freedom that we never knew we longed for.

Let Spirit Be Your Guide - Hawk Spirit & See The Big Picture - Giraffe Spirit

This is the time to surrender to the divine and attune that "I am ready to be placed on my path of purpose and authenticity." Refill your power by falling into your purpose. Spread your wings and fly with Hawk spirit. And let Giraffe spirit remind you that there is always another perspective. Sometimes what you think is the best is not best. The reason you can't see what is best is because you may only be open to a small amount of options. Giraffe spirit is here to remind you that there are more options to choose from than A, B and C.

Let this Full Moon remind you of how much power you have when you step into your true self. Let it guide you onto your path of purpose and your path of truth.

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