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3 Reasons For Seeing The Rooster | Rooster Spirit Animal Symbolism

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

I witnessed the Rooster while aimlessly traveling with my husband and son in the car. My husband while driving, endlessly flirted with me as I blushed and told him to stop while fulling embracing every bit of it. My son was in his car seat singing his favorite songs by the artists Super Simple Songs.

As we entered an unfamiliar territory we witnessed a huge rooster making its presence known. My husband stopped the car and reversed so we could get a better look and I felt at complete peace and wholly present. As the rooster looked at us I sensed his message of the day for my spirit and that is the message I want to share with my mystical readers.

Embracing The Unfamiliar

The Rooster shows up to remind you to trust this new journey. It may look like nothing you've ever seen before but thats the point, right? How exciting can life possibly be if everything is exactly the same? If every moment was repeated. If every individual had the same personality.

You may have entered a new era in your life, an unwitnessed and unfamiliar territory but this is the territory of your now. The territory that you should wholly embrace and inspect with an open mind.

For some of you your bodies may be what is changing and we all know that it took time to get used to our previous bodies before the changes. But have you ever realized that our bodies change each day yet we rarely take the time to completely and totally appreciate it for where it is in the present moment? Take this moment to give thanks to your body as it works at the speed of light so that you can continue to embrace life. Each day look at your whole self and radiate the energy of love by saying thank you body for all that you do. Thank you for growing in ways that is necessary for me to continue life. Thank you for being a wonderful partner to my mind and spirit.

For some of you your relationships may be changing whether loss or renewal. Give gratitude for the beautiful moments that you have experienced and are presently experiencing. Life continuously feeds us but sometimes we starve ourselves of the greatness and happiness that life offers. The rooster shows up as a reminder of our blessings even in unfamiliar situations.

Whatever changes come your way, know that there is always beauty beyond what your eyes have ever seen. So give thanks to these new beginnings that have made way for your blessings.

Are You Truly Living?

The rooster reminds us of life. What is the importance of your life? What value do you bring through your breath? What inspires you and motivates you to live? Truly ask yourself these questions and answer them unfiltered and honestly.

Begin making plans for the things that give you life, purpose and fulfillment. Be driven by the things that bring you joy. And if you find yourself stuck in unhappiness, explore new ways to find joy. Try new things. Apply to new jobs. Give yourself a makeover not only physically but spiritually to find what can newly feed your spirit in nourishing ways.

It is understandable that life "gets in the way" sometimes but instead of believing it gets in the way, begin believing that it makes way. Life makes way for aligned love, aligned opportunities, aligned lessons and aligned blessings. Life has endless paths but each day we must consistently choose the path we take in reaction to what we are offered.

Begin prioritizing your joy because that is a huge part of what gives you life and breath. Joy brings hope. And hope inspires and motivates. So, find your why so that you can live purposefully.

Wild Side

Life was never meant to be boring but instead quite the opposite. Imagine your life as a movie, would you watch it? Is your daily routine too mundane? If so, add some flavor. Do something random. Go see the neighborhood play. Go do cartwheels outside in the park. Go to a nearby lake or river and throw rocks in it and speak to random people about random things. Take a random road trip to an unexpected location.

Create the exciting life that you desire and deserve and even if you do not feel you have the funds, create something free and fun. Try a new project to create a particular thing with only the materials you have in your home. Watch something that uplifts your spirit. Listen to new music that makes you feel whole. Sign up for free community opportunities. Tell yourself that there is plenty to do, then find a way because the moment you believe there is a way, you will always be aligned to one.

Embrace your wild side and allow yourself to step outside of the mundane schedule (at least every now and then) to find yourself. Explore who you are through new things. Be the main character in an exciting film!

Thank you for reading! I hope you find all the light you desire and deserve. 🧚🏽‍♂️

Written April 1, 2022

Written by Lina Mystic

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