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What Is Self Care ?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Remember as a kid you did things just because? You would do things that made you laugh even though adults claimed it to be "childish." You enjoyed time to yourself as you played your game, or watched a tv show. You might have even danced, sung, or did art just because you had time.

Little did you know, you were performing acts of self care.

Self care isn't supposed to be a complicated act. Self care should be fun, relaxing, enjoyable.

I wish I could lists all the different forms of self care you could do but the list is infinite. It is pretty much anything that sparks joy within you and brings your stress levels lower. It's that thing that makes breathing automatically smoother than the norm. The thing that leaves you feeling extremely refreshed.

Many people get stressed out thinking self care involves things they're unfamiliar with such as a deep meditation, running, or yoga. But these are NOT the only way to provide care to yourself.

Self care involves fun ! Allowing yourself to do something you love, or even doing something that can help with providing better health for yourself.

If you have forgotten the things that brought true joy to you because life has started moving too fast, pick an act of self care from this list and try it out. If one doesn't work, use another on this list and keep trying. You'll know it's a great form of self care if it brings you joy, makes you laugh, smile or remember a great memory. Switch it up every now and then.

Short List of Self Care To-Dos

I would categorize these however they all enhance you health wise. Self care is crucial if you aim to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  • Listen to music with headphones

  • Dance to your favorite songs

  • Sing in the shower

  • Paint / Draw a picture

  • Write in a journal

  • Buy something that brings you comfort and beauty (watch out for excessive purchasing)

  • Meditate to Trap Music, or your favorite genre

  • Drink a Green Smoothie / Healthy Smoothie

  • Eat a balanced meal

  • Do Zumba

  • Read a book, article or blog

  • Watch videos on YouTube

  • Take a drive ( with music or in silence )

  • Take a nap during the day

  • Take a long bath or shower

  • Clean up your space / Decorate your space

  • Stretch in silence or listening to music / tv

  • Cook your favorite meal

  • Get your hair done

  • Get a massage / Give yourself a massage

  • Have a private fashion show

  • Write and affirm daily affirmations

  • Workout / Walk / Run

  • Buy a easy-to-care-for plant and water it / talk to it (form of mindfulness - being present)

These are just a few ways to provide self care out of an infinite list !

The first step to self care is choosing to treat yourself better. Realize that it's important to give to yourself, especially as a healer. YOU CANNOT POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP, other wise you will pour out emptiness to others.

Not until I became a mother did I realize how important it was to care for myself before giving my all to my son. I thought as a mother I had to sacrifice self care. But that is the LAST thing you want to do. Without self care I didn't recognize myself. I started to fall into deep sadness because I was lost. How could I possibly be me, but feel out of touch with myself? I started to think of how my son would see me and mimic my behaviors. At that moment I realized that it doesn't matter how many times I tell him he must care for himself, I must show him what that looks like.

Remember that you not only care for yourself, for yourself but for the benefit of others as well. Hurt people, hurt people. But the healing, heal.

Written 5 Feb 2021

Lina Mystic

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