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555 Angel Number | Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 555

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Angel Number 555 brings major positive life changes to you. Whenever you see this number you must know that life is shifting into a new direction. While that may scare some of you, it is actually a huge blessing. Not only is a change coming but a good one. Something to help you further your life into a better direction. Change may be uncomfortable but it's one of the best things we earthlings experience.

I absolutely adore this number because it instantly brings me joy just knowing that my life is shifting into a better fitting path for me. It makes me a little nervous because change makes me uneasy. I like to be in control of what's going on in my life. But 555 says to sit back and enjoy the ride. It's a message to listen as the divine leads you.

Great Changes Are Occuring

555 is a reminder that you're going through a shift. This isn't any ole type of shift but a positive one. One that will bring great joy and peace to you on your journey. Just sit there and think about all the things you've been praying for, being welcomed into your reality. 555 is saying, you're prayers are being heard. The divine is listening to you. Ready to give you rewards for all the work you've been putting into your self development.

At this time it may look like your life is falling apart but the reality is, it's falling into place.

And while it may be discomforting, 555 brings the confirmation you need to

know that everything is working for your greatest good. That's why seeing this Angel Number is such a blessing. Now you know that there is a light at the end of this dark, often times, vast tunnel.

The feeling of dis-ease comes from you needing to know everything and needing to see everything. But 555 asks you to have faith in this new path you are being placed on. 555 is saying that you no longer fit on your old path because you have outgrown it. You're ready for bigger better things. You may realize that a few months before seeing this number you didn't want to hang out at the same places you used too or even with the same people because of the incompatible frequencies.

You are vibrating higher ! And entering a higher level of consciousness.

When you experience this higher vibration, it's hard for you to enjoy lower vibrational experiences. Which explains why sometimes people drink to have fun. They consciously know that they can't have fun at a lower vibrational event so they weigh their vibrations down to match the event and even the people there.

555 tells you to look at the people and the experiences you surround yourself with.

Are they matching your higher vibrations? Or are they holding you back and weighing you down? This isn't to say drop your sister because her vibrations are too low to hang out with you. But this is a reminder to protect your energy when you're in a lower vibrational environment.

This is cruicial for those of you who are healers, empaths and just anyone looking to vibrate higher everyday.

Now that you are ascending and highering your vibrations, you're overcoming tough cycles. Things are getting a hell of a lot easier for you. You know how sometimes you feel it's trial after trial and fail after fail? Well, 555 says it's about to be blessing after blessing after blessing. Isn't that a great sign you don't wanna miss?

When you see this beautiful Angel Number, do something that brings you joy. This will help you to manifest your blessings quicker. If family brings you joy, hang out with them. Kiss your pet ! Schedule a family game night. 555 brings the energy of 6 which is all about family and people you love. So call the people you love and laugh with them, tell them how much you love them. Tell them how grateful you are to have them. Who knows, they may have needed that confirmation more than you know.

555 is a great sign!

It brings so much joy knowing that great powerful changes are occuring in your life. Welcome these changes and shifts with gratitude. Let your Angels know how grateful you are to see such a great sign of hope. Embrace the change that is occuring within and even surrounding you. Life is changing for your greatest good.

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